Friday, November 16, 2012

Secret Service Suicide

(Washington, D.C.)
The Assistant Special Agent in Charge for the president's Secret Service detail believed to be involved in a long-term affair with a Mexican woman committed suicide a day after failing a national security polygraph and being stripped of his clearances and access, according to sources.

Rafael Prieto, a supervisor on President Obama's Secret Service detail, was found dead last weekend in the passenger side seat of his roommate's car in the garage of their Washington D.C. residence, clutching a photograph of his two children, multiple sources told

The suicide came a day after a Do Not Admit email sent agency-wide for Prieto was sent by the Security Clearance Division.

A senior law enforcement official confirmed Prieto's clearance had been pulled, calling it "standard practice" for an employee going through an "administrative process." The official said the investigation "was related to clarifying a long-term ongoing relationship with a foreign national."
The suicide occurred a couple of weeks ago and, I suggest, without a solid reason. Prieto had an affair and lost his job. Many, many men have found themselves in the same lascivious circumstances, dusted themselves off and moved on.

Unless there is something more sinister in Prieto's background, I suggest that suicide wasn't a rational response. After all, CIA Chief David Petraeus recently had an affair and lost his job but didn't off himself.

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Anonymous said...

You do know that not everyone thinks like you, right? That just because you don't see a man's public disgrace as rising to the level of being suicide worthy, that it doesn't mean the individual involved didn't.

Please fill us with your pearls of wisdom as to when you feel suicide IS a rational response. With the exception perhaps of a person in the midst of dying a lingering painful death, or someone trying to evade capture and torture in a wartime theater...I have a hard time envisioning when suicide is a "rational response".

This post was fine as an interesting news tidbit...until the inane editorials at the end, that is.


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