Thursday, December 27, 2012

Endangered Species Condoms

The Center for Biological Diversity advocates minimizing human population growth through the use of Endangered Species Condoms.
“There are more than 3 billion people on the planet under the age of 25. The choices this generation makes will determine whether our planet and its wildlife and natural resource base are burdened with 8 billion or 15 billion people. The difference between these paths can be measured by how many other species are left to roam alongside us,” said Jerry Karnas, population campaign director with the Center.

“Our Endangered Species Condoms are a great way to get a conversation started about how the growing human population is affecting the wild world around us, especially animals already teetering on the edge of extinction.”
Picture the evening - low lighting, soft music, a crackling fireplace, then ...Ooh, baby! Ooh, baby! And as the romance oozes you slip on a safe and start chatting about endangered species. Yeah, that'll work.

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locomotivebreath1901 said...

I like polar bears.

Especially marinated and grilled.


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