Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Storm Euclid

It's been a white Christmas in the US midwest and northeast with nasty blizzard conditions, freezing rain and impossible flying weather. Highway travel has been treacherous. Especially troubling has been that the temperature in my region hovers around 32 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning precipitation was half snow/ice and half rain.

Meanwhile, the southern states have experienced violent thunderstorms and at least 30 tornadoes, spanning the area from Arkansas to the Carolinas. Deaths from the storm have been reported at 15 thus far.

And note this:
The Weather Channel, which has taken it upon itself to start naming winter storms and calls this one Euclid, says that by the time it's done Euclid "will have deposited snow from California's Sierra Nevada Mountains to New England."
One might say Euclid's geometry has been coast-to-coast.

Lastly, the storm has caused periodic disruption of power due to whatever reason. I suspect some of the disruptions are from switching evolutions since power is lost for less than a minute. Nevertheless, it's frustrating trying to stay connected to the web.

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Wireless.Phil said...

I live about 25 miles west of Cleveland. The news reports and weath warings were all over the place warning us of the big blizzard. Said we'd get between 6 to 12 inchea of snow, winds with gust over 35mph, etc.

By 5:45pm that night, it was over for us and only about a 2 inches of snow fell, if that.

Our national NOAA weather service really screwed-up this weather report!

However I did email friends in New England and Nova Scotia that the big one was headed their way.


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