Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Malaysian Women Decry Nude Photos on Web

Malaysian women

(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) Here's an area of concern that I suggest was unforeseen by the creators of the Internet.
Jumaya Chang was cautious when her boyfriend at the time asked if he could take photographs of her in the nude. She said she refused. For her, she was just self-conscious at the time, but as more and more women see their naked images posted online, she can’t help but think how lucky she was.

“It has to be really scary for women out there who have taken photos naked by their boyfriends or husbands, especially those couples who aren’t together anymore,” the 24-year-old recent university graduate told on Wednesday as two more women came forward to file police reports against former lovers who posted their images online.

According to the police, one businesswoman said she was blackmailed by her former lover who threatened to put her naked pictures online if she did not give him compensation.[…]

Department head Michael Chong reported that 11 cases of sexual harassment had already been reported this year, with four cases involving women whose photographs in the nude were leaked online.

“Some claimed they were duped into believing the photographs were for an art project while others claimed they were unaware they were photographed,” he said.
Frankly, I wouldn't mind viewing some of the evidence.

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