Friday, January 18, 2013

GPS Homing Shoes

GPS Homing Shoes

A few months ago, a shoe maker and a technology whiz introduced a GPS-enabled shoe navigation system to guide the wearer to a predetermined destination.
On the top of the right shoe, the wearer can view a straight line of five LED lights that gradually turn on as the wearer gets closer to a specific destination. At the beginning of the journey, the shoe starts with a single red LED light and slowly adds lights to the progress bar culminating in a green LED light at the end of the walk.

On the top of the left shoe, the wearer can view a circle which indicates the direction that a person should be walking to reach their final destination. The LED light in the middle of the circle remains lit when connected to the satellite. The LED on the outside moves around the circle and the design simulates a line pointing in a specific direction.
To activate the system, one needs only to click the heels together. As a novelty, the system is noteworthy but I suggest it won't garner wide appeal.

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