Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nutty headline in the Unscientific American

The headline for the article below reads: "Fortified by Global Warming, Deadly Fungus Poisons Corn Crops, Causes Cancer".  But they got their first premise wrong:  Even such temples of Warmism as the British Met Office now concede that there has been no warming in recent years.  So how can something non-existent cause fungus or anything else?  False scientific beliefs are not at all unknown (check phlogiston) so you would think that SciAm would be just a little skeptical.  No sign of it, though.  They are thoroughly committed to their Fascist ambitions

Last year’s drought increased the spread of a carcinogenic mold called aspergillus (Aspergillus flavus), a fungal pathogen that poisons cattle, kills pets and has infected the 2012 corn crop, rendering significant portions of the harvest unfit for consumption.

Whereas the deadly organism mainly affects countries like China and developing African nations, many U.S. states have experienced an increase in corn contamination since 2011. Farmers are likely to see more of the carcinogen as temperatures continue to rise and droughts become more frequent.

“It's really a climate variable issue,” says Barbara Stinson, founding and senior partner of Meridian Institute, a public policy organization. “We're probably looking at an increase in aflatoxin as a result of that.”

A. flavus releases toxic spores that can be fatal when ingested, prompting symptoms that include jaundice, liver cancer and internal bleeding. The poison is so deadly that in 1995 Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein confessed to weaponizing the mold spores for use in biological warfare. The high toxicity of the mold means crops with more than 20 parts per billion—the equivalent of about 100 kernels in a truckload of corn—can’t cross state lines, says Ronnie Heiniger, professor of cropping systems at North Carolina State University.


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Wireless.Phil said...

There is a fungus that grows on corn cobs and the Mexicans eat it as a treat. Just don't ask me what they call it.


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