Thursday, January 31, 2013

Swiss Cigar Ad Controversy

Sometimes I think the Swiss eat too much cheese.
Switzerland’s truth in advertising commission has called for the withdrawal of a “sexist” advertisement for cigars that shows four women posing in a pool in skimpy string bikinis.

The commission (Schweizerische Lauterkeitscommission) ruled that Villiger Cigars broke Swiss advertising rules by portraying women in a sexist way.

The ad shows the bosomy women standing together in the shallow end of a swimming pool wearing red, blue, black and green bikinis that match the colours of different cigar tube containers shown separately.

Beneath the photo is a slogan, which roughly translated from the German says: Variety is pleasure (abwechslung macht freed). Below the slogan are pictures of the cigar tubes.

Responding to a complaint brought by an unidentified party, the commission found that the image discriminated against women.
Sexism? Discrimination? I don't see it.

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