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Women With Troubles - January 2013

Here is a compilation of women with troubles reported in news stories during January 2013. Each name is linked to an Interested-Participant blog entry displaying details.

For a more comprehensive listing, check the Women With Troubles category link.
(AL) Laura Jean Murphree, 31,
neighbor - Arrested for endangerment of child after newborn tested positive for methamphetamine,

(AR) Kelly O'Rourke,
teacher/coach - Gets 120 days prison for engaging in a sexual relationship with student,

(AR) Stacy Stracener,
teacher - Gets 6 years in prison for more than a dozen counts of sexual assault involving male student, 15,

(AZ) Clarice Lee, 22,
teacher's aide - Accused of engaging in on-campus group sex with several male students,

(CA) Gabriela Cortez, 43,
teacher - Gets no jail for sex with two male students,

(CA) Megan Denham, 30,
teacher - Gets six months jail for 18-month sexual relationship with male student, 17,

(CA) Stacie Halas, 32,
teacher - Lost her appeal to return to the classroom after being fired for her porn star past,

(CA) Jennifer Woods,
teacher - Accused of sex with a minor and oral copulation with boy, 16,

(CO) Susan Diane Christie, 44,
teacher - Guilty of attempted sexual assault on male child, gets no jail in deferred sentence,

(CO) Carly McKinney, 23,
teacher - Accused of posting half-naked pictures on Twitter with jokes about school drug use,

(FL) Rebeca Carvajal, 29,
caregiver - Accused of hauling off and walloping young child (6) with belt,

(FL) Mary Maloney, 53,
teacher - Accused of offering oral sex to a policeman after DUI arrest,

(GA) Danita Wilson, 32,
teacher - Accused of sex with multiple students for more than year,

(IN) Anne Marie Emminger, 20,
neighbor - Accused of sending nude pics and sexual text messages to girl, 13,

(IN) Brenda Sue Phillips, 44,
neighbor - Arrested for sexual misconduct with boy, 15,

(KS) Benita Cardona-Gonzalez, 32,
Mexican national - Gets 18 months in prison and deportation for identity theft,

(KY) Cassandra Rose Elfers, 21,
school sports coach - Accused of engaging in sex with student,

(KY) Sarah Jones, 27,
teacher - Suing website for defamation occurring prior to her arrest for sex with student, 17,

(ME) Katie Dube, 27,
neighbor - Gets 23 years in prison for sexual abuse of boy, 7,

(ME) Cassandra Grant, 22,
neighbor - Gets no jail for sex with boy, 14,

(MI) Andrea Deanna Brennan, 37,
teacher - Gets no jail for using computer to commit crime,

(MO) Brittany Blair Buchanan, 22,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 15,

(MO) Dana Kintz, 28,
neighbor - Gets 120 days jail for sex with dog,

(MT) Dawnette Jean Eaton, 47,
neighbor - Accused of evading arrest and running over police officer with car,

(MT) Jenna Van Delden, 25,
neighbor - Accused of harboring runaway, custodial interference, and sex with boy, 13,

(NC) Monte Sue Diebolt, 73,
teacher - Arrested for taking indecent liberties with a male student, 11,

(NC) Leah Gayle Shipman, 42,
teacher - Gets a suspended jail sentence for resisting an officer and avoided rape charges by marrying victim, 17,

(ND) Jenelle Chase, 34,
neighbor - Gets 20 years in prison for sex abuse of a boy, 12,

(NH) Lisa Biron, 43,
neighbor - Convicted of child pornography, sentencing in April,

(NJ) Jennelin Garcia-Calle, 28,
teacher - Accused of engaging in sex with a male student, 16,

(NJ) Catherine Giaquinto, 36,
neighbor - Arrested for crashing her car and fleeing the scene while allegedly drunk and naked,

(NY) Cara Dickey, 33,
teacher - Convicted of sex offenses, now on the lam,

(OH) Sonya N. Horn, 32,
teacher - Gets four years in prison for sexually assaulting a developmentally-disabled student, 18,

(OH) Jodi A. Kellish, 38,
teacher - Sentenced to 18 months in prison for sex with teenager,

(OK) Kimberly Crain, 49,
teacher - Pleaded no contest to child exploitation and pornography charges, sentencing in March,

(OR) Christal Smith, 20,
neighbor - Arrested for offering sex to an undercover police officer at a police station,

(PA) Christina Layser, 37,
teacher - Gets no jail for unlawful contact with male student, 13,

(PA) Susan Sundo, 45,
rec center worker - Accused of sex with son's buddy, 15,

(SC) Kinsley Wentzky, 34,
teacher - Accused of engaging in sexual intercourse with a male student, 17,

(TN) Dr. Anne Elizabeth Cushing, 49,
school counselor - Arrested for allegedly driving drunk and refusing blood-alcohol test,

(TN) Thadra Tipton, 29,
neighbor - Indicted for engaging in sex with a boy, 15,

(TX) Valorie Martinez Baker, 38,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 15,

(TX) Kayna Cardy, 41,
teacher - Arrested for possession of marijuana at school,

(TX) Tonya Flink, 39,
teacher - Accused of sex with four students,

(TX) Stephanie Raleen Forbes, 40,
teacher - Accused of sex with student,

(TX) Tammy Lowe, 53,
teacher - Accused of killing a 6-year-old boy in hit-and-run,

(TX) Kami Dawn Mauldin, 41,
teacher - Gets no jail for improper relationship with a student, 15,

(TX) Destini Michelle Munoz, 27,
teacher - Gets no jail for sex with student, 18,

(TX) Kathryn Murray, 29,
teacher - Accused of harboring runaway and sex with student, 15,

(UT) Chaarie Lynn Jaramillo, 35,
teacher - Accused of engaging in sex with a male student, 17,

(VA) Kathleen Cawthorne, 32,
teacher - Guilty of taking indecent liberties with a minor and 3 counts of electronic solicitation of a minor, 17,

(VA) Anna Michelle Walters, 24,
teacher - Gets year in jail after student posts texts and nude pics of their sexual relationship,

(VA) Jessica L. Young, 35,
teacher - Accused of possessing drug paraphernalia and heroin at school,

(WA) Donna Lange, 51,
neighbor - Accused of using breasts to smother boyfriend to death,

(WV) Rebecca Jean Ferguson, 41,
teacher - Gets prison for stealing her daughter's identity,

(WV) Carissa Hads, 25,
neighbor - Gets 7 and 1/4 years in prison for traveling across state lines for sex with a girl, 15.
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