Saturday, February 23, 2013

Coral reefs

Today I want to  publicize my new special-purpose blog on coral reefs.  The blog gathers together the most recent "wisdom" on coral reefs and the way they are "threatened" by global warming.  Rebuttals of that "wisdom" are also included of course.

The idea of the blog is as a one-stop-shop for anybody who is talking about coral reefs and wants to use just one link to blow the Warmist nonsense out of the water.  Link to the above blog and tell any coral alarmist to "go do some reading"

Because articles about coral reefs do not come up daily, the posts to the blog will not be daily.  The blog is intended as a reference rather than as regular reading.

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Doom said...

Thanks. I love sending the lefties I can't part with little... 'I love yous'... in the form of information packets. You've saved me a lot of work on this, among other, issues.

Oh, they come around, when they see the facts, then conveniently forget when back in their cool-aid pool and get back with their like-minded others, but they never bring the specific issues up with me again. That part they remember. Most of them just talk about the weather, which I keep reminding them, the weatherman probably got wrong. *grins*


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