Friday, February 08, 2013

Nipple Sunburn Mystery

There's a story out of the UK about the danger of of women sunbathing nude without applying suntan lotion on their nipples. Here's an image provided with the article. It's been cropped here to comply with the general rules regarding nakedness

The article [blah, blah, blah] advises to put lotion on the nipples.
Nipples are a particularly vulnerable part of the body – more prone to sunburn which can lead to flaky skin and itchy breasts.
Flaky and itchy, eh? Sounds like a cartoon show. As a remedy, I can recommend some scratchers.

Nevertheless, I'd like to direct the readers' attention to the picture, in particular, the protuberance jutting out from the left breast and seemingly taken straight from a 1950s horror movie where the alien being has inhabited the body of a human. What is that?! It looks like it's trying to escape.

Check the link for an uncropped image of the sunbather.

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JR said...

Very strange indeed


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