Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Michigan Teacher Guilty of Stealing Meds - Update

(Cheboygan, Michigan)
A former Cheboygan County kindergarten teacher has pleaded guilty to several charges after she stole prescription drugs from her co-workers.

Tammy Lafrinere was originally facing seven counts ranging from drug charges to home invasion and theft. One of those counts was dropped before she entered her plea.
Sentencing has been scheduled for mid-November.

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Michigan Teacher Popped for Stealing Meds
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(Cheboygan, Michigan) A 31-year-old kindergarten teacher at West Elementary School, Tammy Lafrinere, has been arrested for repeatedly stealing prescription medication from her coworkers.

Reportedly, Lafrinere faces multiple counts ranging from theft to home invasion.
The first reported incident was in May when 31-year-old Tammy Lafrinere was accused to stealing medications from a fellow teacher's purse at West Elementary School in Cheboygan.

"Whenever she knew that someone might be out of the classroom, she seemed to be able to find the timing to go in and search," Kurt Jones, Cheboygan Public Safety Director said.

Police say over a three day span, Lafrinere stole 90 Vicodin pills.

After the first teacher turned her in, another stepped forward with an accusation from a couple months prior to this incident. The second teacher claimed that Lafrinere broke into her home while she was away.
Details on booking are unavailable.

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