Monday, September 09, 2013

Big Hash Bust at Sea

(North of Malta in Mediterranean) Last Friday, the Gold Star cargo ship carrying 30 tons of hashish was intercepted by Italian authorities.
A fire aboard a cargo ship in the Mediterranean Sea was set in order to get rid of 30 tons of hashish, according to officials in Italy and Malta. Authorities had approached the Gold Star, a Tanzania-registered ship, for an inspection Friday afternoon. But members of the crew reportedly set fire to their cargo, which Italian authorities identified as hashish resin.

The incident began in waters about 30 nautical miles north of Malta, where police and firefighting ships converged on the Gold Star as it burned Friday night. They succeeded in quenching the flames around noon Saturday.
The hashish has been valued at $400 million.

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Wireless.Phil said...

The article below says pot, the other said hash, there is a difference.

Better photos too.

Thirty tons of pot go up in smoke

SEPTEMBER 9, 2013 — A 2,108 dwt general cargo ship caught fire Friday off the coast of Malta after a cargo of 30 tons of cannabis caught fire, according to a Reuters report citing Italy's Guardia di Finanzia.


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