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Women With Troubles - September 2013

Here is a compilation of women with troubles reported in news stories during September 2013. Each name is linked to an Interested-Participant blog entry displaying details.

For a more comprehensive listing, check the Women With Troubles category link.
(AL) Shirley Bowman, 53,
teacher - Accused of attempted murder,

(AR) Rachel Erin Alman, 26,
neighbor - Sentenced to five years in prison for sex with boy, 14,

(AR) Courtney Speer, 32,
teacher - Gets 7 years in prison for sex with student, 17,

(AZ) Jennifer Dempsey, 35,
neighbor - Guilty of child molestation. Sentencing in October,

(CA) Alyssa Ashlie, 19,
neighbor - Guilty of elder abuse & burglary. Sentencing October 29,

(CA) Malia Brooks, 32,
teacher - Sentenced to six years in prison for lewd conduct with child under 14,

(CA) Deborah Gratz, 59,
preschool teacher - Guilty of dosing toddlers' sippy cups. Sentencing Sept. 27,

(CA) Michelle Ann Newberry, 44,
neighbor - Gets year in jail for sex with boy, 16,

(CO) Tonya Harris, 49,
school lunch lady - Accused of sex assault of boy,

(CT) Amy Belliveau, 43,
teacher - Accused of sex with special education student, 20,

(CT) Loni Bouchard, 22,
babysitter - Sentenced to no jail for sex with two boys,

(CT) Angela Martin aka Angela Haussmann, 29,
neighbor - Accused of producing child porn depicting the sexual abuse of girl, 3,

(FL) Ethel Anderson, 30,
teacher - Guilty of molesting boy, 12. Sentencing scheduled for Nov. 5,

(FL) Heather Carlson, 35,
educator - Accused of giving drugs to boy, 13,

(FL) Jennifer Efre Deberry, 30,
dance teacher - Accused of sex with boy, 15,

(FL) Stacey Lynn DeLong, 37,
neighbor - Sentenced to no jail for sex with boy, 16,

(FL) Cynthia Lynn Herr, 35,
teacher - Accused of sex with boy, 16,

(IL) Alexandra Hanners, 19,
neighbor - Accused of multiple drug offenses,

(IL) Amber M. Kumm, 27,
neighbor - Accused of multiple drug offenses,

(IL) Kelly K. Miller, 34,
teacher - Sentenced to no jail for inappropriate texts to student,

(IL) Cierra Ross, 25,
neighbor - Accused of criminal sex abuse and armed robbery,

(IL) Cynthia Warren, 26,
neighbor - Accused of forcing young boy to perform sex act on her,

(IN) Sandra Sicking, 62,
credit counselor - Sentenced to year in prison for theft of $300K,

(LA) Dana Chaney, 34,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 16,

(LA) Payton Shelton, 19,
neighbor - Arrested for prostitution,

(MA) Kimberly Ann English, 49,
teacher - Accused of attempted murder of ex-husband's girlfriend,

(MA) Heather Martinez, 39,
neighbor - Accused of drug possession and trafficking charges,

(MA) Marcella Severance, 54,
neighbor - Accused of drug possession and trafficking charges,

(MD) Amanda Kay Miller, 36,
educator - Gets one year home detention for sex with boy, 15,

(MI) Jamila Love Williams, 35,
teacher - Guilty of sex with students, ages 15 & 16. Sentencing set for Oct. 15,

(MN) Pamela Ann Fahy, 43,
teacher - Accused of repeated sex with 13-year-old boy,

(NC) Diana Leigh Farnell, 28,
teacher - Accused of sex with male student, 17,

(NC) Theresa Catherine Fedor, 53,
teacher - Accused of possession and distribution of heroin,

(NC) Amber Nicole Fox, 23,
neighbor - Accused of crimes against nature for sex with dogs,

(NC) Deborah Lee Tipton, 45,
teacher - Sentenced to 18 years prison for child porn with girl, 11,

(NC) Shirley Denise Whicker, 24,
neighbor - Accused of committing sex crimes on boy, 4,

(ND) Susan Kathleen Duursma, 34,
teacher - Accused of sex with boy,

(ND) Stephanie Lindstrom,
neighbor - Accused of murdering her newborn baby,

(NH) Wendy Wright, 33,
neighbor - Charged with attempted murder of her two kids, ages 6 & 7,

(NV) Mary Pitrello, 26,
neighbor - Accused of fatally shotgunning her male roommate,

(NY) Abby J. Berkheimer, 33,
library assistant - Flees to France to avoid charges of sex with boy, 15,

(NY) Jennifer Morris, 28,
neighbor - Faces charge of felony false reporting. Sentencing set for Sept. 30,

(NY) Nicole Trincone, 34,
teacher - Accused of burglary at father's house,

(NY) Alexis Weeks, 21,
neighbor - Indicted on multiple drug charges,

(OH) Kelsey L. Hartmann, 28,
teacher - Gets no jail for sex with student,

(OH) Ashley Onysko, 23,
neighbor - Guilty of forcing young women into sex for money. Sentencing next Jan.,

(OH) Connie Ramirez, 43,
teacher - Sentenced to 25 years prison for rape and pandering obscenity,

(OK) Andrea Antrich, 24,
teacher - Sentenced to no jail for sex with male student,

(OK) Sally Deupree, 56,
neighbor - Guilty of possession and manufacturing of child porn. Sentencing in Oct.,

(OK) Nikcole Eash, 26,
neighbor - Accused of child endangerment,

(OK) Anita Ruth Tate, 39,
neighbor - Arrested after her 14-month-old child got sick on methamphetamine,

(OR) Tiffany Maydew, 40,
neighbor - Sentenced to no jail for rape of boy, 15,

(PA) Christal Sheridan, 32,
neighbor - Sentenced to five years prison for sex with boy, 15,

(TN) Christie Black, 43,
neighbor - Accused of stealing cash she hid in her rectum,

(TN) Stephanie Hunt, 36,
neighbor - Accused of sex with boy, 14,

(TX) Beth Merritt, 40,
teacher's aide - Accused of inappropriate relationship with student,

(TX) Linda Leann Wallace, 53,
teacher - Gets 16 years prison for relations with female student, 16,

(UT) Kendra McKenzie Gill, 18,
beauty queen - Gets no jail in bombing case,

(VA) Cathy Bennett, 37,
school nurse - Guilty of conspiring to commit murder. Sentencing in Oct.,

(VA) Stephanie Griffith, 21,
neighbor - Accused of sexual battery and crimes against nature on girl, 15,

(VA) Angela Nolen, 47,
teacher - Sentenced to 8 years in prison for soliciting murder of husband,

(VT) Giovanna Yaranga, 44,
teacher - Gets no jail for sex with boy, 17,

(WA) Lisa Davis, 48,
teacher - Guilty of molesting male student, age 10. Sentencing TBD,

(WA) Cheri Powers, 45,
educator - Gets 30 days work detail for sexual misconduct with student,

(WI) Shannon Cardinal, 44,
teacher - Sentenced to two years in prison for sex with boy, 16,

(WY) Sarah Rae Cady, 27,
neighbor - Accused of sexually abusing boy, 15.

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Locomotive Sex

"Ooh Baby! Ooh Baby!" Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga!

(Zaporozhye, Ukraine)
An attempt to spice up their sexual life went badly wrong for a middle-aged couple in central Ukraine, which was run over by a train when having sex on the railroad tracks, local police said.

The woman died on the spot, while the man lost both legs and was hospitalized, the country’s Interior Ministry said on its website.

The man and his girlfriend “failed to overcome their natural passion when walking home … and wanted to experience an extreme sensation near the railroad tracks,” the ministry cited the surviving victim as saying.
"Extreme sensation near the railroad tracks" apparently means "on the railroad tracks."

Tip: Charley Nestor

The IPCC's mountainous molehill

The article excerpted below was headed "Climatic Change: How Long Will Earth Remain?".  Except to Warmists, the obvious answer would be:  Another few billion years.  The notable  thing to a sceptic, however, is how the factual statements -- such as the one italicized below -- are perfectly true.  But science is tightly tied to quantification and if we look at the quantities involved, the statements become laughably true.  The quantities involved are so small that the only reasonable comment is "who cares?".  In some cases Warmists are talking about temperature variations in terms of hundredths of one degree Celsius. And talk of tenths is routine. It's as irrelevant to everyday life as medieval debates about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin

The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has raised anew the question: how long will Earth remain before we ruin it completely?

According to Thomas Stocker, a co-chair of the IPCC assessment and climate scientist at the University of Bern, Switzerland, climatic change “challenges the two primary resources of humans and ecosystems, land and water.”  He warned that, “In short, it threatens our planet, our only home.”

Qin Dahe, co-chair of those who produced the report from IPCC, said:

“Our assessment of the science finds that the atmosphere and ocean have warmed, the amount of snow and ice has diminished, the global mean sea level has risen and that concentrations of greenhouse gases have increased.”

In their report, the group made it clear that the urgency of tackling the issue of climatic change is still present, more than ever. Without concrete and urgent drastic plans on emission reductions or controversial technical climate fixes, global warming will most likely continue to increase and this will affect the lives of billions of people inhabiting this earth, and our planet too, they warned.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Warmists have hornets in their bonnets  -- but only in China

The one thing we can be sure about is that the hornets are NOT the result of global warming  -- because there hasn't been any lately.  At most they are caused by local warming

Over the last few weeks, giant, deadly hornets have killed more than two dozen people in China, the result of bizarre weather patterns there that have allowed the bugs to proliferate.

This summer, China suffered through massive heat waves, breaking records in places like Shanghai, Changsha, and Hangzhou in July, and affecting 700 million people through August. This has lead to dozens of heatstroke deaths, and, now, increasingly aggressive giant insects.

Attacks by giant hornets, most likely the 5-centimeter (2-inch) Vespa mandarinia, have left hundreds injured and 28 people dead, mostly in the Shaanxi region of northwest China. Some victims reported being chased for hundreds of meters and stung — some up to 200 times — by swarms of the insects traveling 40 km/h (25 mph). A director of the Ankang Disease Control Centre said more 30 stings required “immediate emergency treatment.”

A sting from the hornet’s quarter-inch-long stinger feels like a “hot nail through my leg,” according to an entomologist who got too close for comfort. The venom contains an enzyme that can dissolve human tissue, and too much of it can also bring renal failure or death.

Authorities recommend local residents avoid fields and “be very vigilant while in the woods.” A local fire department has removed over 300 hornet nests since July. This year, fatalities from hornet attacks are twice the normal average. The hornets have attacked people in the region in previous years, but Zhou Yuanhong, a Shaanxi health official, said that this year was “unusually severe, possibly because of weather changes.” Experts say that the hornets breed more successfully in warmer temperatures.

Temperatures in China are 10 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit warmer that they were during the last ice age, which is two to four times as hot as scientists believed. As the globe warms, it turns out that China is even more sensitive to that change than previously thought.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Tennessee Woman Accused of Sex with Boy

(Kingsport, Tennessee) A 36-year-old local woman, Stephanie Hunt, has been accused of engaging in sex with a 14-year-old boy.

Hunt faces counts of aggravated statutory rape and two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor by electronic means.
Police say they received information last month that Hunt, of Kendrick Creek Road, was engaged in an "inappropriate relationship" with the teen.

Results of a subsequent investigation were presented to the grand jury to gain the indictments.
Hunt was booked into custody at the Sullivan County Jail with bond set at $50,000.

California Teacher Gets Prison for Sex Crimes - Update

(Simi Valley, California) Last June, 32-year-old Malia Brooks pleaded guilty to three counts of lewd conduct with a child under the age of 14.

This week, Malia Brooks was sentenced to six years in prison.

* * * * *

California Teacher Accused of Sex Crimes
[Previous 6/12/13 post]
(Simi Valley, California) A 32-year-old teacher formerly at Garden Grove Elementary School, Malia Brooks, has been accused of sex crimes involving a minor.

Brooks faces allegations of lewd acts upon a child and four other sex-related counts, including one in which the title of the charge says it involved a person under the age of 14.
Brooks is expected to be formally charged at 9 a.m. Wednesday, authorities said. Simi Valley police scheduled a news conference Wednesday, also at 9 a.m.

Brooks was placed on administrative leave earlier this year while police and school officials investigated claims the Garden Grove Elementary teacher had had an inappropriate relationship with a student.
Brooks was booked into custody with bail set at $2 million.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

European Countries Sued for Slavery Reparations

Saint Vincent and Grenadines' Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves

(New York City)
Fourteen Caribbean nations are suing the governments of the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands for reparations over what the plaintiffs say is the lingering legacy of the Atlantic slave trade.

In a speech Friday at United Nations General Assembly, Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Ralph Gonsalves said the European nations must pay for their deeds.

“The awful legacy of these crimes against humanity – a legacy which exists today in our Caribbean – ought to be repaired for the developmental benefit of our Caribbean societies and all our peoples,” Gonsalves said. “The European nations must partner in a focused, especial way with us to execute this repairing.”

The lawsuits – which are likely to amount to a lengthy battle – are being brought by The Caribbean Community, or Caricom, a regional organization that focuses mostly on issues such as economic integration. They will be brought to the U.N.'s International Court of Justice, based in The Hague in the Netherlands.

Book Review of 'David and Goliath' by Malcolm Gladwell.  Review by Christopher Chabris, a psychology professor at Union College in Schenectady, N.Y

I have some previous comments on Malcolm Gladwell here and here.   Gladwell too often presents as proven laws what are just intriguing possibilities and musings about human behavior.  I think his reputation as a serious thinker owes more to that bush of African hair on his head than anything else. "Affirmative" racism is a most pervasive poison in American discourse  -- JR

David Boies is the super-lawyer who represented IBM against the U.S. government, the U.S. government against Microsoft, Al Gore against George W. Bush and gay marriage against California's Proposition 8. A man at the top of his profession, presiding over a firm of 200 lawyers, he would seem to be a metaphorical Goliath. But Malcolm Gladwell sees this literal David as a figurative David too, because Mr. Boies came from humble origins and faced mighty obstacles to success.

We learn in Mr. Gladwell's "David and Goliath" that Mr. Boies grew up in rural Illinois, where he was an indifferent student. After he graduated high school, he worked construction. He went to college mainly because his wife encouraged him to. But the small university he attended near Los Angeles happened to have one of the country's premier debate programs. Mr. Boies traveled more than 20,000 miles to participate in debate tournaments. He left college early to start law school at Northwestern, became editor in chief of its law review and transferred to Yale, where he received his law degree.

One of Mr. Gladwell's best sellers, "Outliers" (2008), was about how outsize success results from arbitrary advantages and disciplined practice. Bill Gates was lucky enough to have a computer terminal in his high school when personal computers didn't yet exist; the Beatles laboriously honed their craft in Germany before hitting the London scene. So is the story of David Boies just another case like these—of a guy who stumbled into a rigorous debate program that inculcated the skills and provided the training he would need to out-argue his law-school peers and reach the top?

Not in this book. The overarching thesis of "David and Goliath" is that for the strong, "the same qualities that appear to give them strength are often the sources of great weakness," whereas for the weak, "the act of facing overwhelming odds produces greatness and beauty." According to Mr. Gladwell, the secret of Mr. Boies's greatness is neither luck nor training. Rather, he got where he did because he was dyslexic.

You read that right. In a section on what Mr. Gladwell calls "the theory of desirable difficulty," he asks: "You wouldn't wish dyslexia on your child. Or would you?" You might if you were aware that Mr. Boies himself attributes his success to his dyslexia, as do Gary Cohn, the president of Goldman Sachs, and Brian Grazer, the Hollywood megaproducer. Examples like these are the main source of evidence Mr. Gladwell marshals for the claim that dyslexia might actually be a desirable trait. Difficulty reading is said to have forced Mr. Boies to compensate by developing skills of observation and memory, which he exploited in the courtroom. It's an uplifting story; what seems on the surface to be just a disability turns out, on deeper examination, to be an impetus for hard work and against-all-odds triumph.

Mr. Gladwell enjoys a reputation for translating social science into actionable insights. But the data behind the surprising dyslexia claim is awfully slim. He notes in passing that a 2009 survey found a much higher incidence of dyslexia in entrepreneurs than in corporate managers. But this study involved only 102 self-reported dyslexic entrepreneurs, most of whom probably had careers nothing like those of Mr. Boies or his fellow highfliers. Later Mr. Gladwell mentions that dyslexics are also overrepresented in prisons—a point that would appear to vitiate his argument. He addresses the contradiction by suggesting that while no person should want to be dyslexic, "we as a society need people" with serious disadvantages to exist, for we all benefit from the over-achievement that supposedly results. But even if dyslexia could be shown to cause entrepreneurship, the economic analysis that would justify a claim of its social worth is daunting, and Mr. Gladwell doesn't attempt it.

To make his point about the general benefits of difficulty, Mr. Gladwell refers to a 2007 experiment in which people were given three mathematical reasoning problems to solve. One group was randomly assigned to read the problems in a clear typeface like the one you are reading now; the other had to read them in a more difficult light-gray italic print. The latter group scored 29% higher, suggesting that making things harder improves cognitive performance. It's an impressive result on the surface, but less so if you dig a bit deeper.

First, the study involved just 40 people, or 20 per typeface—a fact Mr. Gladwell fails to mention. That's a very small sample on which to hang a big argument. Second, they were all Princeton University students, an elite group of problem-solvers. Such matters wouldn't matter if the experiment had been repeated with larger samples that are more representative of the general public and had yielded the same results. But Mr. Gladwell doesn't tell readers that when other researchers tried just that, testing nearly 300 people at a Canadian public university, they could not replicate the original effect. Perhaps he didn't know about this, but anyone who has followed recent developments in social science should know that small studies with startling effects must be viewed skeptically until their results are verified on a broader scale. They might hold up, but there is a good chance they will turn out to be spurious.

This flaw permeates Mr. Gladwell's writings: He excels at telling just-so stories and cherry-picking science to back them. In "The Tipping Point" (2000), he enthused about a study that showed facial expressions to be such powerful subliminal persuaders that ABC News anchor Peter Jennings made people vote for Ronald Reagan in 1984 just by smiling more when he reported on him than when he reported on his opponent, Walter Mondale. In "Blink" (2005), Mr. Gladwell wrote that a psychologist with a "love lab" could watch married couples interact for just 15 minutes and predict with shocking accuracy whether they would divorce within 15 years. In neither case was there rigorous evidence for such claims.

But what about those dyslexic business titans? With all respect to Messrs. Boies, Cohn and Grazer, successful people are not the best witnesses in the cases of their own success. How can Mr. Boies, or anyone else, know that dyslexia, rather than rigorous debate training, was the true cause of his legal triumphs? His parents were both teachers, and could have instilled a love of studying and learning. He also had high SAT scores, which indicate intelligence and an ability to focus. Maybe his memory was strong before he realized he had trouble reading. Perhaps it's a combination of all these factors, plus some luck. Incidentally, Mr. Boies's SAT scores and debate training aren't mentioned in "David and Goliath." I learned about them from his 2004 memoir, "Courting Justice."

In Mr. Cohn's case, dyslexia is said to have made him willing to take risks to get his first job in finance, as an options trader. Suppose he weren't dyslexic—isn't it likely that he would have still been a bit of a risk-taker? I know of no scientific evidence for a correlation between risk-taking and reading difficulty, and even if there were one, taking risks might just as well lead to bad outcomes (like those prison sentences) as to good ones.

A theorem of mathematics implies that in the absence of friction, any knot, no matter how complicated, can be undone by pulling on one end of the string. The causes of success in the real world are nothing like this: Resistance abounds, and things are so tangled up that it is virtually impossible to sort them out. Mr. Gladwell does no work to try to loosen the threads. Instead he picks one and, armed with the power of hindsight, just keeps yanking on it. Why are the Impressionist painters renowned today? Because they set up their own exhibitions to gain greater visibility in the 19th-century Paris art scene. "David and Goliath" discusses no other possibilities. Why did crime go down in Brownsville, Brooklyn over the past decade? Because the local police worked hard to increase their legitimacy in the minds of the community members. Nothing else is seriously considered.

None of this is to say that Mr. Gladwell has lost his gift for telling stories, or that his stories are unimportant. On the contrary, in "David and Goliath" readers will travel with colorful characters who overcame great difficulties and learn fascinating facts about the Battle of Britain, cancer medicine and the struggle for civil rights, to name just a few more topics upon which Mr. Gladwell's wide-ranging narrative touches. This is an entertaining book. But it teaches little of general import, for the morals of the stories it tells lack solid foundations in evidence and logic.....

One thing "David and Goliath" shows is that Mr. Gladwell has not changed his own strategy, despite serious criticism of his prior work. What he presents are mostly just intriguing possibilities and musings about human behavior, but what his publisher sells them as, and what his readers may incorrectly take them for, are lawful, causal rules that explain how the world really works. Mr. Gladwell should acknowledge when he is speculating or working with thin evidentiary soup. Yet far from abandoning his hand or even standing pat, Mr. Gladwell has doubled down. This will surely bring more success to a Goliath of nonfiction writing, but not to his readers.


Connecticut Babysitter Gets No Jail for Sex with Boys - Updated

Loni Bouchard

(Middletown, Connecticut) For engaging in sex with two boys while babysitting, Loni Bouchard was sentenced this week to a suspended prison term and probation.
Judge David P. Gold sentenced Loni Bouchard, 22, to three years’ imprisonment, all suspended, and two years’ probation at a superior court sentencing hearing. Bouchard pleaded guilty in June to three counts of reckless endangerment, stemming from sexual relationships she conducted with two then-14-year-old boys when she was 19.

Bouchard’s mother, Kimmi Bouchard, also pleaded guilty to risk of injury after one of the victims’ mother indicated that the elder Bouchard had provided the victim with alcohol and marijuana and allowed his and Loni’s relationship to progress. The elder Bouchard received probation for her role.

Loni Bouchard originally faced four counts of second-degree sexual assault, five counts of risk of injury and one count of illegal purchase of alcohol for a minor.
Bouchard apologized to her victims and their families.

* * * * *

Connecticut Babysitter Guilty of Sex with Boys - Updated
[Previous 7/1/13 post]
(Middletown, Connecticut) Babysitter Loni Bouchard, 21, pleaded guilty last Friday to three counts of reckless endangerment of two 14-year-old boys she was babysitting.
The state’s attorney offered a sentence of three years in prison, suspended after serving one year, and two years of probation.
Sentencing is scheduled for September 20.

* * * * *

Babysitter Faces More Sex Charges - Updated
[Previous 8/4/11 post]
(Southington, Connecticut) Babysitter Loni Bouchard, now 20, surrendered to Southington Police last Friday to face additional charges of sex with a 14-year-old boy she was babysitting. Her troubles now include charges of second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. (h/t slwlion)

* * * * *

Babysitter, 19, Accused of Sex with Boy, 14
[Previous 7/15/11 post]
(Clinton, Connecticut) A 19-year-old babysitter, Loni Bouchard, turned herself in at police headquarters this week to face charges she engaged in a six-month sexual relationship with the 14-year-old boy she was babysitting.

Bouchard faces charges of second-degree sexual assault, two counts of impairing the morals of a child, and permitting a minor to possess alcohol.
Bouchard was released on a written promise to appear and is expected to appear at Middlesex Superior Court on July 29.
Reportedly, the boy's mother alerted the authorities.

Florida Woman Gets No Jail in Sex Case - Update

(Ocala, Florida) In accordance with a plea agreement, Stacey Lynn DeLong, 37, admitted to engaging in sex with a 16-year-old boy. She claimed she jumped his bones because he had expressed an interest in her.
“Why did this happen?,” Circuit Judge Hale Stancil asked DeLong during the court proceeding.

The defendant cited past traumatic sexual abuse and bad relationships. “It was just a lot of emotional issues I hadn’t dealt with and I was on the wrong medication to begin with,” she said. “I just lost my mind.”

After hearing her story, Stancil decided to override the plea agreement, which had called for an adjudication of guilt. Instead, Stancil withheld adjudication, which means she has not been convicted of the crime.
Instead of a trial, DeLong was granted an "early resolution" representing a “downward departure” from state sentencing guidelines.

Consequently, DeLong was ordered to register as a sex offender and to serve five years of sex offender probation.

* * * * *

Florida Woman Accused of Jiggy-Jiggy with Boy
[Previous 6/29/13 post]
(Ocala, Florida) A 37-year-old local woman, Stacey Lynn DeLong, has been accused of engaging in sex with a 16-year-old boy.

DeLong faces a charge of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.
"Marion County Sheriff's Office detectives took Delong into custody after developing evidence that Delong had unlawful sexual activity with a minor,'' the law-enforcement agency said in a report.[…]

"The Sheriff's Office got a tip concerning Delong having had inappropriate contact with a child,'' the report added. "Detectives interviewed Delong and she told detectives the sex took place June 23, 2013. Delong told detectives she had sex with the child because 'he expressed interest in her.'"
DeLong was booked into custody at the Marion County Jail with bond set at $10,000.

Friday, September 27, 2013

NBC Is NOT a Tool, Dammit!

Presumably, objectivity in journalism is one-sided when defined by the National Broadcasting Company. Other media groups exhibit bias but not galaxy-near to the extent of NBC.
NBC announced today that it would be launching a week of programming to help Obamacare get off its feet, according to a press release sent out by the network.
I suggest the abandonment of objectivity in reporting by NBC is common knowledge. The only folks who believe otherwise do so simply for a paycheck or maybe they are thinking the naked emperor has clothes.

Transgendered at Age 6

(Buenos Aires, Argentina)
A six-year-old girl, who was born a boy, has become the first transgender child in Argentina to have her new name officially changed on her identity documents.

Luana, known as Lulu, is believed to be the youngest to benefit from the country’s new Gender Identity Law, which was approved in May 2012.

The act enshrines the right to be identified by name and sex as defined by the individual.
As a result, the governor of Buenos Aires, Daniel Scioli, approved Lulu’s application to change her name from Manuel on her DNI, the Argentinian identity card, and birth certificate.

"The government of the province of Buenos Aires has decided to provide a solution to this particular case raised by the family," Alberto Perez, chief of staff, said, according to La Nacion.

The decision was made after Lulu’s mother, Gabriela, wrote to Mr Scioli as well as Argentinian president Cristina Kirchner. She said her daughter identified herself as a girl as soon as she started talking.
It's beyond my capacity to understand how an adult can make life-altering decisions based solely on input from a six-year-old.

Utah Beauty Queen Walks in Bombing Case - Update

Kendra McKenzie Gill

(Salt Lake County, Utah)
A former Utah beauty queen arrested on suspicion of throwing homemade bombs in a Salt Lake City suburb admitted to a lesser charge on Thursday, and was ordered to perform volunteer work, officials said.

Kendra McKenzie Gill, 18, entered a plea in abeyance in a district court to misdemeanor attempted possession of a chemical or incendiary device, according to a spokeswoman for the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office.

Under Utah law, a plea in abeyance allows a person to complete terms imposed by a court and eventually have charges dismissed without a conviction appearing on any criminal record.

"At the end of the day, this is not going to tarnish her sparkle," said Gill's attorney, Wally Bugden.
Gill was ordered to complete 200 hours of community service and fined $500. Reportedly, Gill's compatriots in crime will receive the same plea deal.

* * * * *

Utah Beauty Queen and Friends Popped on Bomb Charges
[Previous 8/6/13 post]
(Salt Lake City, Utah) In June, Kendra McKenzie Gill was crowned Miss Riverton, a preliminary contest for the Miss Utah Beauty Pageant. On Saturday, 18-year-old Gill was arrested with three 18-year-old friends for allegedly hurling home-made bombs at houses in a south Salt Lake community.

Gill and her three accomplices -- John Patrick Reagh, Shanna Marie Smith and Bryce Christopher Stone were booked into custody at the Salt Lake County Jail. Each faces 10 felony counts of detonating an incendiary device.

NY Teacher Accused of Burglary of Father's House

Nicole Trincone

(Staten Island, New York) It appears teacher Nicole Trincone has serious drug problems.
A city intermediate school teacher on Staten Island with a recent string of drug-related arrests under her belt is accused of breaking into her father's house to steal a safe full of cash, watches and jewelry.

Nicole Trincone, 34, a reading teacher, is listed as "Academy Leader" at Prall Intermediate School's Academy of Enterprise, according to the West Brighton school's website.

Department of Education spokesman David Pena said she was reassigned out of the classroom to administrative duty in March, shortly after a drug arrest that month.

At about 8:30 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 19, police allege, she used a shovel to pry open a rear window at her father's house on the 100 block of Delmar Avenue in Huguenot. Once inside, she took a safe, which contained $1,263 cash, five watches -- a Brietling, a Rolex, an Invicta, a Guess and a Fendi -- and assorted jewelry, as well as a credit card, court papers allege.
Trincone was booked and released on $3,500 bond. She faces multiple felony charges including breaking and entering, burglary, grand larceny and possession of stolen property.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Ohio Woman Gets Prison in Child Porn Case

(Youngstown, Ohio) Earlier today, a 43-year-old former preschool teacher, Connie Ramirez, pleaded guilty to criminal charges stemming from a child pornography case prosecuted in Niles OH.

Ramirez admitted to three counts of rape and one count of pandering obscenity involving a minor.
Mahoning County Common Pleas Judge Maureen Sweeney sentenced Ramirez to 25 years in prison without the possibility of parole, which was the recommended sentence by both the defense and prosecutors. She also was classified as a Tier 3 sex offender, meaning she will have to register her address with the county sheriff’s office for the rest of her life. After her release from prison, she will be on probation for five years.

During an investigation into child pornography charges surrounding William Brock, 65, of Niles, police uncovered several photos of a child in sexual situations and traced the photos back to a cell phone and Ramirez. Some of the photos also included sexually explicit images involving a canine and Ramirez.
Not only child porn but also sexually explicit images involving a canine? Pretty sick, I'd say.

Sliding Farther Down the Freedom Scale

It's becoming an annual lament: Once the United States was among the most economically free nations on the planet, but now we barely crack the top 20. According to the 2013 Economic Freedom of the World report, now co-published by the Cato and Fraser Institutes, we rank not only behind the usual leaders Hong Kong and Singapore, but Jordan and the United Kingdom as well. Jordan? Are you kidding us?

Apparently they're serious, and a key reason for the decline is the ever-growing role of our government in shaping the economy. At the turn of the century, the United States was generally just behind Hong Kong and Singapore atop the rankings, but that was before the size and scope of government grew thanks to the 9/11 terrorist attack and its resulting “enhanced” security measures, new and exploding entitlement programs, and – particularly in the last five years – a new regulatory state in response to economic crisis. “I've abandoned free market principles to save the free market system,” said George W. Bush in 2008, and with that our economic freedom continued its plunge.

One piece of good news, if any can be found, is that the U.S. has stabilized its ranking at 19th after plunging eight spots from 10th to 18th between 2009 and 2010 – the current edition of Economic Freedom of the World is based on 2011 data, which is the latest available. The value assigned by the study showed we actually improved our lot from a 7.70 score (out of a possible 10) in last year's report to 7.74 this time. But that's a long way from the 8.65 rating we attained in the year 2000, and it may be at least a half-decade before we claw our way back over the 8-point barrier.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Ohio Executes Murderer

(Lucasville, Ohio) Yesterday, condemned cop killer Harry Mitts Jr. was executed for the 1994 murders of two men, John Bryant and Dennis Glivar, a Garfield Heights Police Officer.
Mitts Jr., 61, was pronounced dead at 10:39 a.m. by lethal injection of the powerful sedative pentobarbital at the state prison in Lucasville after years of acknowledging his crimes and repenting.
Reportedly, Mitts will be the last convict to experience pentobarbital since the manufacturer has weak knees regarding its use for executions.

I suspect political correctness has infested the boardroom of the pentobarbital manufacturer.

Oklahoma Woman Accused of Child Endangerment

(Tulsa, Oklahoma)
A Tulsa woman was arrested Wednesday on a child endangerment complaint after officers said they found urine, feces and drug paraphernalia in a house with two young children.

Nikcole Eash, 26, was jailed on complaints of child endangerment, possession of drug paraphernalia and five misdemeanor warrants, according to Tulsa Jail booking information.

Eash was arrested just after noon in the 1500 block of West 59th Street after officers responded to a child well-being call, according to an arrest report.

The report states officers smelled a "very strong odor of urine and feces" from outside the residence, and found "dried and fresh urine, (and) dried feces" throughout the apartment.
Eash was booked into custody with bond set at $27,120.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Oklahoma Woman Accused of Child Neglect

(Bartlesville, Oklahoma) A 39-year-old local woman, Anita Ruth Tate, has been accused of making her 14-month-old child sick on drugs.

Tate faces counts of child neglect and possession of contraband into jail.
Deputies from the Washington County Sheriff's Office were called to Jane Phillips Medical Center in reference to a 14-month old girl tested positive for methamphetamines.

According to a court affidavit, Tate brought the child to the emergency room because she was crying and had redness around the nose and mouth due to possible allergic reaction.

Reportedly, blood tests from the child indicated that the girl tested positive for meth.
Details on booking are unavailable. A court appearance is scheduled for October 18.

Nudity Week at Brown University

(Providence, Rhode Island)
Brown University is set to host a weeklong “nudity” event featuring nude student performances starting next Monday, Campus Reform has learned.

The event, named “Nudity In the Upspace,” is a weeklong program which is set to feature nude body painting, nude yoga, nude theater, and nude cabaret.

“Love being naked?” asks the event’s official description. “Want to be naked more? Want to watch others perform naked? Want to step out of your comfort zone? Want to talk about nudity?”
Mark your calendar.

Venezuela Nationalizes Toilet Paper

(Caracas, Venezuela)
A Venezuelan state agency on Friday ordered the temporary takeover of a factory that produces toilet paper in what it called an effort to ensure consistent supplies after embarrassing shortages earlier this year.
Government-produced toilet paper just doesn't sound right.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple Fingerprint Scanner Hacked

(Berlin, Germany)
Apple recently launched the latest top-end model of its wildly successful iPhone, the 5S, to much fanfare. But a German hacker organization has thrown a wrench in the works by bypassing the smartphone's much-heralded fingerprint scanner just two days after launch.

It is supposed to represent a major step forward in mobile phone security by replacing the password. But the fingerprint sensor on Apple's new iPhone 5S has already been compromised just two days after it went on sale. The German hacker organization Chaos Computer Club (CCC) says it has successfully bypassed the biometric security system, called TouchID, using "easy everyday means."[…]

To bypass it, the hackers used an iPhone 5S programmed with a fingerprint, and then took a high-resolution picture of the print from a separate glass surface before transferring it onto a transparent film which, after being breathed on to make it slightly moist, could be used to gain access to the device.
The hackers aimed to prove that fingerprint biometrics are unsuitable for security and should not be used. Reportedly, the mission was accomplished.
LinkedIn Harvesting User Data?

(San Francisco, California) It appears that LinkedIn plays fast and loose with user data.
Last week, four users filed suit against the professional networking service in San Jose federal court. They accused the company of accessing their email accounts without permission and harvesting the addresses of everyone they have ever emailed in order to send out unwanted invitations to join the service.

The lawsuit, which is seeking unspecified damages, has seen an outpouring of public interest. Many users don't think LinkedIn does a good enough job getting their explicit consent to access that information.

British school closed after pupils bitten by mites in eco-roof

A school was forced to close due to an infestation of harvest mites in the classroom block's recently installed £6m grass eco-roof.

Pupils were sent home last Friday after the mites began biting them after crawling through rood vents at Walney School, Cumbria.

Fumigation teams were called to deal with the pests, which the secondary school described as "still an ongoing problem".

Dennis Laird, chair of governors at Walney School, told the North West Evening Mail: “As a result of an insect infestation, the school’s management team took the decision to close the school today at lunchtime.

“We are now working closely with the county council to resolve this issue and it is anticipated that the school will re-open on Monday as normal.

“Clearly it is not acceptable and pupils and parents will rightly expect the problem to be solved quickly.”

Walney School said the pest control company fumigated the venting systems throughout the weekend and used smoke bombs to keep the mites at bay. Acting headteacher Helen Collis admitted the problem lies "with the type of roof that has been installed", and said a council representative would be meeting with the Department for Environment to resolve the issue.

The grass eco-roof has been in place for around 12 months.

A Cumbria County Council public health spokesperson said: "Although a bite can be itchy and uncomfortable, harvest mites in the UK do not carry any diseases that present a risk to humans.

“The best way to get rid of mites on the body is a hot bath or shower, and to make sure clothes are washed at a normal temperature."


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Florida Educator Accused of Naughtiness with Boy, 13

(Tallahassee, Florida) A 35-year-old after-school educator at Governors Charter Academy, Heather Carlson, has been accused of providing drugs to a 13-year-old boy with whom she also engaged in sexually explicit conversations on Facebook.

Reportedly, Carlson faces six felonies.
The boy's father noticed inappropriate messages on his phone, and then went to police.

The messages were graphic,

The Child says, "come over tomorrow
night please ms heather please I
beg you to."

Then Carlson says, "maybe I will send u pic if u
swear on ur life not show anyone
and erase after you see it."

Arrest papers say the teen told investigators that Carlson had given him marijuana and asked him to get Adderall from classmates for her to sell.
Carlson was booked and released on $56,000 bond.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Ohio Teacher Gets No Jail in Sex Case - Update

(Dayton, Ohio)
A former Wayne High School teacher caught having sex with her student was sentenced to community control Monday morning in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.

Kelsey L. Hartmann, 28, earlier reached a plea deal with in prosecutors in which she pleaded guilty to one count of third-degree felony unlawful sexual conduct with a teenage boy. She had been indicted on three felony counts of sexual battery of a minor by a teacher.
In addition to probation, Hartmann was ordered to register as a sex offender.

* * * * *

Ohio Teacher Convicted of Sex Assault on Minor - Update
[Previous 7/29/13 post]
(Dayton, Ohio) Former Wayne High School Spanish teacher Kelsey L. Hartmann, 28, has been convicted of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.
Investigators say Hartmann and a student had committed sex acts on three separate occasions. Hartmann has since resigned from her teaching position, and will surrender her teaching certificate.

Hartmann faces up to five years in prison.

She also will be registered as a tier 2 sex offender, meaning she will be required to register her address with the Sheriff’s office every 180 days for 25 years.
Sentencing is scheduled for August 26.

* * * * *

Ohio Teacher Accused of Sex Assault on Minor
[Previous 11/23/12 post]
(Huber Heights, Ohio) A 27-year-old teacher at Wayne High School, Kelsey Hartmann, has been accused of sexual battery involving a minor.

Hartmann was arrested Wednesday night and apparently had to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in jail.
Hartmann is listed as a teacher at Wayne High School on the school’s website, but it does not say what subject or grade she teaches.

It is unknown if the alleged offense involves a student at the school.
Hartmann was booked into custody at the Montgomery County Jail.

Oklahoma Woman Guilty of Child Porn Charges

(Tulsa, Oklahoma) Last year, a 56-year-old local woman, Sally Deupree, was accused of the sexual assault of a two-year-old girl.

Last week, Deupree was put on trial for possession of and manufacturing of child pornography. She was found guilty.
The Tulsa County jury returned its verdict Friday evening.

The district attorney's office said the jurors recommended a total sentence of 25 years in prison on both counts.

Prosecutors say Sally Deupree met Ricky Lewis on Craigslist and received from him nude photos of a 2-year-old girl and asked Lewis to make a child porn video and send it to her. No video was ever found, but photos were.

At Deupree's trial, Lewis testified she knew he had problems with child porn and never reported it, and bailed him out of jail after his first arrest.

Deupree's attorney argued his client only agreed with Lewis because she was in love with him.
Deupree will be sentenced on October 14.

Wyoming Woman Accused of Sex with Boy, 15

(Natrona County, Wyoming) A 27-year-old local woman, Sarah Rae Cady, has been accused of engaging in sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Cady faces five counts of sexual abuse of a minor. She has pleaded not guilty.
A deputy report describes two separate incidents, one in January and one in May, in which Sarah Rae Cady and the boy had sexual contact, including intercourse. The encounters occurred at his house in Casper and hers in Evansville.

Both Cady and the boy confirmed a Facebook and text message relationship throughout the intervening months, at times sending nude photos to one another, the report states.
Cady is in custody with bond set at $10,000.

Bay State Women Arrested for Drug Operation

Marcella Severance and Heather Martinez

(Easthampton, Massachusetts) Two local women have been arrested on drug possession and drug trafficking charges.

Marcella Severance, 54, and Heather Martinez, 39, were arrested after a months-long investigation by Easthampton Police and members of the DA's Anti-Crime Task Force.
Mary Carey, spokeswoman for Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan, said police have been called to the same Pleasant Street address for fatal drug overdoses twice since January.

Sevarance, who was characterized by police as the person in charge of the operation, was charged with trafficking cocaine of in amount between 28 and 100 grams.

Martinez was charged with two counts of possession of a class B substance, Percocet and Suboxone, without a prescription.
Details on booking are unavailable.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Carolina Teacher Busted for Heroin

(Onslow County, North Carolina) A 53-year-old sixth-grade teacher at Brewster Middle School, Theresa Catherine Fedor, has been accused of multiple charges related to the possession and distribution of heroin.

Fedor faces counts of possession with the intent to manufacture, sell, or deliver heroin; maintaining a vehicle, dwelling or place used for controlled substances; and possession of drug paraphernalia.
According to Nat Fahy, director of Public Affairs for Marine Corps Installations East, about 10:45 a.m. Friday, Fedor was taken into custody without incident at the district superintendent’s office by several agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and an Onslow County Sheriff’s Office detective.

Fedor is accused of having 2.6 grams of heroin at the one-story house used in the storage and sales of the drugs, according to warrants. She also is accused of having wax baggies, syringes, digital scales and a pill crusher to prepare, make, store and introduce drugs into the body, according to warrants.
Fedor was booked into custody at the Onslow County Detention Center with bond set at $10,000.

ICE Released 2,837 Convicted Alien Sex Offenders to Comply With Supreme Court Ruling

 Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has released 2,837 convicted criminal alien sex offenders back into American communities in order to comply with a Supreme Court decision authored by Clinton-appointed Justice Stephen Breyer, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

The 2,837 sex offenders represented five percent of the 59,347 deportable aliens that have been released from detention under the supervision of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to the GAO report, which was released Thursday.

“There are circumstances in which criminal aliens who have been ordered removed from the United States – including those convicted of a sex offense – cannot be removed,” the report states. “For example, a criminal alien may not be removed because the designated country will not accept the alien’s return.”

The GAO report refers to the 2001 Supreme Court case Zadvydas v. Davis to explain why ICE is required to release foreigners who have been convicted of sex crimes. In its 5-4 decision, the court ruled that the indefinite detention of removable aliens for greater than six months is unconstitutional unless there is “significant likelihood of removal in the reasonably foreseeable future.”

“Freedom from imprisonment lies at the heart of the liberty protected by the Due Process Clause,” Associate Justice Stephen Breyer wrote in the majority opinion. Breyer was joined in this opinion by J.P. Stevens (a Gerald Ford apppointee), Sandra Day O'Connor (a Reagan appointee), Ruth Bader Ginsburg (a Clinton appointee), and David Souter (a George H.W. Bush appointee).

But writing for the minority, Justice Antonin Scalia (a Reagan appointee) said: "Insofar as a claimed legal right to release into this country is concerned, an alien under final order of removal stands on an equal footing with an inadmissable alien at the threshold of entry: He has no such right."

Justice Anthony Kennedy (also a Reagan appointee) concurred, noting that "the authority to detain beyond the removal period is to protect the community, not to negotiate the aliens' return... An alien's admission to this country is conditioned upon compliance with our laws, and removal is the consequence of a breach of that understanding."

Justice Clarence Thomas (a George H.W. Bush appointee) and William Rehnquist (a Nixon appointee) also dissented from Breyer's opinion.

The GAO report also revealed that large numbers of convicted alien sex offenders that ICE did in fact manage to deport from the country simply turned around and came back in--and then committed another offense inside the United States.

"According to the data that ICE-ERO provided to us," said the GAO report, "of 4359 alien sex offenders who were removed from the country between January and August 2012, 220 of them (5 percent) had previously been removed but subsequently returned to the United States and were arrested for another offense."

Also, about five percent of released aliens sex offenders did not register as sex offenders in the communities where they settled as required by federal law. “The risk that alien sex offenders will reside in U.S. communities without being registered is increased,” the GAO concluded.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

The Gastronomic Festival of the Cat

(La Quebrada, Peru)
Animal rights activists are outraged after learning about a religious festival in a town south of Lima, Peru called La Quebrada which involves cats being barbecued and eaten.

The festival, which is called Santa Efigenia, also includes cat racing, fireworks, dancing, drinking and other activities.

Each year, Peruvians who trace their ancestry back to African slaves travel to the town to honor a black saint named Santa Efigenia, who was well-revered among that population.

The ceremonies of the festival are quite elaborate, with the devotees singing joyful Afro-Peruvian songs, as well as more solemn Roman Catholic hymns, as they proceed through the streets of the town.[…]

But, of course, it’s the fact that cats are being barbecued and eaten at the Peruvian Festival which is causing concern.
Eating cat is fairly common in Asia and Africa and, apparently, it's not unusual in South America. There is a video at the link.

Taiwanese Lobstercycle


Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Climate Change Reconsidered" Presents Mountains of Peer-Reviewed Evidence

The Heartland Institute Tuesday released Climate Change Reconsidered II: Physical Science, which hits global warming alarmists with objective data and peer-reviewed studies the way Mike Tyson hit Michael Spinks with uppercut lefts and overhand rights.

The new report, known as CCR-2, includes more than 1,000 pages documenting the evidence that anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions are not causing a global warming crisis. The report contains literally thousands of citations to the peer-reviewed literature.

Global warming alarmists often misrepresent the peer-reviewed literature, claiming virtually no peer-reviewed studies call the alarmist narrative into question. However, the alarmists can make such a claim only if they use a deceptive straw-man argument that their “narrative” is merely that global temperatures have warmed during the past century, such that the Earth is no longer in the depths of the extraordinary Little Ice Age. Well heck, everybody knows that.

“The key question concerns the magnitude of warming caused by the rather small 7 billion tons of industrial carbon dioxide that enter the atmosphere each year, compared with the natural flows from land and sea of over 200 billion tons,” CCR-2 lead author Bob Carter noted in the Daily Telegraph.

“The scientific evidence now overwhelmingly indicates that any human warming effect is deeply submerged within planet Earth's natural variations of temperature,” Carter observed.

“Until recently the public have been relentlessly misinformed that human-caused global warming was causing polar bears to die out, more and more intense storms, droughts and floods to occur, the monsoons to fail, sea-level rise to accelerate, ice to melt at unnatural rates, that late 20th century temperature was warmer than ever before and that speculative computer models could predict the temperature accurately one hundred years into the future. It now turns out that not one of these assertions is true,” Carter explained.

More than three dozen scientists wrote and contributed to CCR-2. The scientists themselves came up with the idea for successive issues of Climate Change Reconsidered and asked the Heartland Institute to publish their findings.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

Say Hello to My Little Friend

The Chiappa Triple Crown, 12-gauge three barrel shotgun weighs about 8 pounds and is priced at $1,625. It is quite a tool.

Interesting, eh?
The Challenge of Feminism


Friday, September 20, 2013

Ohio Woman Guilty in Sex Trafficking Case

(Avon Lake, Ohio) A 23-year-old local woman, Ashley Onysko, pleaded guilty today to human trafficking and drug trafficking.

Onysko and an accomplice, Jeremy Mack, 37, reportedly used force, threats, fraud and coercion to have four women, including two teenagers, engage in sex for money.
In a press release, Steven M. Dettelbach, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, said, “This woman helped force teens to have sex for money. These activities happen all around us and it’s the responsibility of the community and law enforcement to work together to end these crimes.”

Stephen D. Anthony, Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Cleveland office, said, “The defendants in this case used narcotics to gain control over their victims and forced them to engage in sex acts while lining their own pockets with money.”
Sentencing for Onysko is scheduled for January 14, 2014.

Tip: Wireless.Phil

Virginia Teacher & School Nurse in Murder Plot - Update

(Rocky Mount, Virginia) Earlier today, former kindergarten teacher Angela Nolen was sentenced to eight years in prison for soliciting the murder of her husband.

Last month, co-conspirator Cathy Bennett pleaded guilty to conspiring to solicit murder. She will be sentenced on October 10.

* * * * *

Virginia Teacher & School Nurse in Murder Plot - Update
[Previous 6/25/13 post]
(Rocky Mount, Virginia) Kindergarten teacher Angela Nolen, 47, has pleaded guilty to soliciting to commit murder. Sentencing is scheduled for August 9.

School nurse Cathy Bennett goes to trial in July for conspiracy to commit murder.

* * * * *

Teacher & School Nurse Accused in Murder Plot
[Previous 2/24/13 post]

Angela Nolen - Cathy Bennett

(Rocky Mount, Virginia)
Angela Nolen, a Franklin County kindergarten teacher, is charged with trying to have her ex-husband killed, and a school nurse is accused of helping her.

Virginia State Police arrested Nolen, 47, and Cathy Warren Bennett, 37, on Wednesday. Nolen is charged with solicit to commit murder and Bennett is charged with conspiracy. Both work at Sontag Elementary School.

Nolen is accused of paying $4,000 to an undercover state police agent who she believed was a hit man on Tuesday. She planned to pay another $4,000 after her ex-husband, 63-year-old Paul Strickler, was killed, state police Capt. George Austin told media outlets.
Details on booking are unavailable.

NY Woman, Accused of Child Sex, Skips to France

(Queensbury, New York) A 33-year-old local woman, Abby J. Berkheimer, who worked as a library assistant at Crandall Public Library, was scheduled to plead guilty last week to engaging in sex with a 15-year-old boy.

Per a plea agreement, Berkheimer would have received probation and ordered to register as a sex offender. However,
Berkheimer did not show up for the hearing, and efforts to determine why she missed the court date led to information that she had fled to France, officials said.

Berkheimer had posted $2,500 cash bail, which is in jeopardy unless she returns to Warren County and appears in court within 30 days of her first scheduled court appearance.

She also could face a felony bail jumping charge if she fails to return to court before 30 days passes, Warren County District Attorney Kate Hogan said.
Reportedly, the US and France do have an extradition agreement.

Virginia Woman Poses as Boy, Accused of Humping Girl, 15

(Poquoson, Virginia) A 21-year-old local woman, Stephanie Griffith, has been accused of impersonating a 15-year-old boy, calling herself Seth Walker, to engage in sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Griffith faces multiple counts of sexual battery, crimes against nature and piercing a minor.
Deputies responded Monday to a wooded area in the 900 block of Point Comfort Loop after a person reported hearing someone in distress in the wood line.

When deputies arrived, they found a 15-year-old girl and Griffith in a wooded area. Authorities say Griffith initially identified herself as a 15-year-old boy named Seth Walker.
Details on booking are unavailable.

Illinois Women with Multiple Drug Charges

Alexandra Hanners -- Amber M. Kumm

(McHenry County, Illinois) Two women have been charged with multiple illegal drug offenses after discovery during a traffic stop.

Alexandra Hanners, 19, and Amber M. Kumm, 27, face five counts of possession of a controlled substance, two counts of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver, and possession of cannabis.
The driver, Hanners, was arrested for driving a vehicle without a driver’s license, the release states. Kumm was arrested on an outstanding arrest warrant.

Each individual was later searched, and deputies recovered 6.7 grams of crack cocaine, 3.8 grams of heroin, 1 gram of cannabis and two pills, the release states. The drugs were valued at more than $1,200.
Hanners and Kumm were booked into custody at the McHenry County Jail with bond for each set at $80,000.

Louisiana Woman Bayou Spicy with Boy

(Opelousas, Louisiana) A 34-year-old local woman has been arrested for allegedly engaging in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy.

Chaney faces a charge of carnal knowledge of a juvenile.
The Opelousas Police Department reports that Dana Chaney was arrested for the inappropriate relationship. They say it began in February 2013 and continued through the first week of September.

Officials did not provide any additional information. However, they did say that they “obtained evidence to support the allegation.”
Chaney was booked into custody at the Opelousas Parish Prison.

Michigan Teacher, 35, and Two Boys - Update

(Grand Rapids, Michigan) Jamila Love Williams has pleaded no contest to multiple counts of criminal sexual conduct stemming from relations with two students, ages 15 and 16. Sentencing is scheduled for October 15.

* * * * *

Michigan Teacher, 35, and Two Boys
[Previous 6/6/13 post]
(Grand Rapids, Michigan) A 35-year-old math teacher at University Preparatory Academy, Jamila Love Williams, has been accused of engaging in sex with two students.

Williams faces four counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct.
A detective, while swearing for warrants against Williams, testified that a 16-year-old boy told detectives that he was a student in her class. The boy told police that sexual encounters with the teacher happened at his home, a park, her car and various other locations.

Another boy, also a student in her class, also told police that he met the teacher behind his house in the alley and had sex with her inside a car. He is 15.

According to the detective, Williams admitted she was sexually active with the two boys.
Awaiting details on arrest.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sex Trafficking on Lake Superior

(Duluth, Minnesota)
According to American researcher Christine Stark, for over a decade North American women — Native Canadians of the First Nation clans — have been being bought and sold on board U.S. ships for as little as a bottle of scotch.

The First Nations women come from Thunder Bay, Ontario, and have been sold on ships in the harbor at Duluth, Minnesota.

The spot is infamous among First Nation women for sex trafficking. Young girls, women and even babies are sold in exchange for alcohol, money, drugs or even a place to sleep.
This story is garnering lots of attention.

Muslim Poem Replaces Pledge Of Allegiance at School

(Concord, Massachusetts) To remember the tragedies of 9/11, one school read a Muslim poem about foot-washing over the public address system, not the Pledge of Allegiance.
Concord Carlisle High School in Concord, Massachusetts is the site of this travesty; Concord, the site of the first military engagements of the American Revolution.

On the twelfth anniversary of 9/11 Principal Peter Badalament allowed the reading of a Muslim foot washing poem about a Muslim woman washing her feet at a Sears Department Store prior to engaging in her Muslim prayers over the Pledge of Allegiance.
Principal Badalament said he wanted to promote cross-cultural understanding.

Obviously, Principal Badalament is more enlightened than your friendly blogger since I fail to see any substantive correlation between the murders of 3,000 people and Muslim foot-washing. In fact, I contend that Principal Badalament's "cross-cultural" stunt was a stinging insult to the memory of the victims of 9/11.

No, Sir David Attenborough, Adolf was wrong

It is amusing to see how consistent Leftists are in their follies.  Greenies following Fascists is a regular phenomenon.   Does anybody remember why Hitler sought "Lebensraum" for Germany in the East?  It was because he was just as ignorant as David Attenborough.  Hitler looked at the population increase in Germany and the prospects for increases in German farm production and concluded that  Germany would soon be unable to feed itself.  So it needed to grab land off its neighbours in the East if it was not to starve.  Hitler knew as little about agricultural science and economics as Sir David did but was nonethless certain that he was right. Socialists such as him are like that.  And just as Hitler didn't care about starving Russians, Sir David doesn't care about starving Africans. Sir David should learn from history -- but since when did any Leftist do that?  They are too arrogant to learn.  They "just know"  -- JR

Malthus is shaking his hoary locks. The old seer does it every so often, and no amount of being proved wrong will keep him in his coffin. His latest manifestation takes the unlikely form of Sir David Attenborough, one of television’s otherwise warmest personalities. Sir David thinks that the population of the planet has reached capacity, and that we had better tell the world to stop making babies. For good measure, in his interview with The Daily Telegraph yesterday, he added that getting the UN to send sacks of flour to famine regions was “barmy” and that famine in Ethiopia is about “too many people for too little piece of land”.

He is not alone. Jonathan Porritt, the environmentalist – and like Sir David, a patron of the lobby group Population Matters, which argues for “living within the constraints of renewable resources” – has written about famine in the Horn of Africa and put the blame squarely on the failure of women to control their breeding habits: “It’s no good blaming climate change or food shortages or political corruption. Sorry to be neo-Malthusian about it, but continuing population growth in this region makes periodic famine unavoidable – as many have been pointing out since the last famine.”

At the end of the Second World War, many farmers in Britain still ploughed with horses and recoiled from using “artificial”, as they called fertiliser at the time. Fields are now harvested by machines as big as houses and inputs such as fertiliser are applied using computer and satellite technology. Simply applying these techniques across India, Africa and South America would fill the bread baskets of the world to overflowing. That is without even mentioning the miracles that could be wrought by GM, by enabling drought-resistant crops and blight-free potatoes to flourish.

If this revolution doesn’t take place, an accusing finger will point at those people who stopped it. Robert Mugabe has destroyed the agriculture of Zimbabwe for political ends. The European Union sucks in food from the rest of the world because it doesn’t want its inefficient peasant farmers to go bust. Oxfam now recognises that “The romanticisation of 'the peasant’ and rejection of new technologies and trade have the potential to lock farmers into poverty.” Aid charities haven’t always.

Sir David is a master communicator: he knows how to make a point and is not averse to shock tactics. No doubt that is why he disparages sending sacks of flour to the starving. But the phrase contained an undoubted truth. It isn’t sacks of flour that are needed. Until recently, the United States undermined the agriculture of the developing world by dumping its subsidised food surpluses at below market prices. This prevented local farmers from making money, discouraged enterprise and entrenched food dependency.

Far better is to export improved techniques and new ideas. This is recognised by innovative charities such as Excellent Development, a beneficiary of the Telegraph charity appeal in 2009, which encourages communities to build sand dams that provide clean water. Innocent Smoothies supports a charity that teaches farmers to build little rings of mud around the shoots they plant; this simple technique means that water is maximised rather than lost.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


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