Friday, September 13, 2013

School District Policy Requires Teachers to Wear Underwear

(Little Rock, Arkansas) Local school teachers gathered yesterday with Dr. Dexter Suggs, Little Rock School District Superintendent, to learn of the new teacher dress code policy.
School officials say that this new policy is simply a way for all teachers to be clear on what is and isn't allowed. But one of the rules requiring teachers to wear undergarments has some wondering if that even needed to be said.

School dress codes are nothing new to students, but Thursday night Little Rock school teachers fell victims to similar rules that their students abide by as the district board discussed their new policy for faculty.[…]

Foundation garments must be worn. Teachers must wear underwear and women a bra. Dr. Suggs says he's run into problems with this seemingly obvious rule before.

"There have been times within my profession where you have seen people without the upper level foundational garment," said Dr. Suggs.
So, it appears that some female teachers are working braless and the administration mandates the practice be nipped. The new policy will become effective in the fall of next year.

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