Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Gastronomic Festival of the Cat

(La Quebrada, Peru)
Animal rights activists are outraged after learning about a religious festival in a town south of Lima, Peru called La Quebrada which involves cats being barbecued and eaten.

The festival, which is called Santa Efigenia, also includes cat racing, fireworks, dancing, drinking and other activities.

Each year, Peruvians who trace their ancestry back to African slaves travel to the town to honor a black saint named Santa Efigenia, who was well-revered among that population.

The ceremonies of the festival are quite elaborate, with the devotees singing joyful Afro-Peruvian songs, as well as more solemn Roman Catholic hymns, as they proceed through the streets of the town.[…]

But, of course, it’s the fact that cats are being barbecued and eaten at the Peruvian Festival which is causing concern.
Eating cat is fairly common in Asia and Africa and, apparently, it's not unusual in South America. There is a video at the link.

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Wireless.Phil said...

But what about the guinea pig roast they eat?

Yes, there are recipes on Google for "guinea pig roast"

I know its a custom, but its "their" custom and we or the animal people have no right to interfere!


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