Thursday, September 05, 2013

Voyeurism with Camera Watch

(Yokohama, Japan)
Police had an easy day of work this Thursday when they arrested 31-year-old Hirotaka Kikuchi on charges of voyeurism (deemed ‘harassment’ by Kanagawa Prefecture). Although it took some time, the suspect was quite easy to find after he accidentally videoed himself while setting up his so-called hidden cameras.

According to police, on the morning of 10 July Kikuchi taped two wristwatches four centimeters in diameter with built-in hidden cameras to a flight of stairs on a hill in Yokohama. His alleged goal was to take a video up the skirts of passing women on the stairs.

However, a male teacher at a nearby high school happened to spot the watches while using the stairs himself and checked them out. Upon viewing the video he could see up a third year high school student’s skirt shortly after seeing Kikuchi’s face, clear as day, as he set up the camera. The teacher then contacted the police who were eventually able to identify the victim and, of course, Kikuchi, leading to his arrest.
What an idiot.

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