Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Florida Teacher Accused of Extortion

(West Palm Beach, Florida) A 38-year-old teacher formerly at Mavericks Charter High School in West Palm Beach, LaTasha Terraine Currington, has been accused of extorting another teacher by threatening to reveal five nude photos of her.
On Oct. 24, the alleged victim phoned Currington while police listened to the call. During the call, Currington told the woman she would return the five photographs in her possession for $300 apiece.

When Currington was asked by the woman if she intended to send “naked pictures of me to my employer,” Currington allegedly responded, “I mean there’s not really much else I can do other than let (the) Department of Education know who they’ve got working on their team as a certified teacher.”

Currington also threatened to “let the Palm Beach County Public School district know what you did” and to inform the “CEO of the school” where the victim works.
Currington was booked into custody at the Palm Beach County Jail and released on her own recognizance.

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