Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Indiana Mom Hires Hitman to Off Daughter's Boyfriend

(Kokomo, Indiana) Last week, a 35-year-old local mom, Christy D. Shaffer, plotted to have her daughter's boyfriend killed.

Shaffer faces a Class A felony charge of conspiring to commit murder.
The charging information stated that Shaffer asked a friend to find someone to kill the man because he had been battering her daughter. Her friend then called police.

Detectives arranged an undercover informant to act as a hitman in the plot.

Police set up a meeting and taped a conversation in which Shaffer offered the informant her deceased father’s rings and $100 for down payment on the hit. In addition, she provided the informant with an address of the man to be targeted and a map showing where he lives.
Shaffer was booked into custody at the Howard County Jail without bond.

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