Friday, October 11, 2013

Serial Demolition of Some Eco-Nuttery - an 18 minute video by Ivo Vegter‏

Watch the 18-minute video below for a serial demolition of one piece of eco-nuttery after another by Ivo Vegter in South Africa:

The 'environmental exaggerations' of which he speaks are so mainstream now, and such a distortion of reality, that it would be wonderful if every high school teacher in the world decided to show this, or a subbed /dubbed version, to their senior pupils.

Maybe as an antidote to all the eco-guff they will have been exposed to in their schooldays. Maybe as a last chance to steer them towards helping humanity rather than harming it with facile 'environmentalism', and the curse of 'sustainable development' - both examples of what Vegter would call 'excessive risk aversion'.  They harm the poor.  They harm the planet.  They diminish our humanity.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


Wireless.Phil said...

The older we humans become, the closer we come to the end of our live-cycle.
We get fat, or some of us do, are teeth start to fall out, we get cancer or we just get too old to live and we die.

Our time is up!

Medicine can't keep us alive forever!

Oh, and a banana isn't a plant per-say, it is an herb.

Doom said...

I hate 20 minute spiels, save when they are so very correct, and happen to be intelligent, then toss in entertaining. That guy ought to write a book!

(Yeah, I know he did. Just... snark at the general population or something. Hush.)

Oh, consider the vid stolen. Thanks.


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