Thursday, November 14, 2013

Black Friday Store Hours

Most stores have already released their Black Friday Ads and Black Friday "doorbuster" sales are getting earlier and earlier each year. Here are the sale times for most U.S. stores:
Event 1 Thursday @ 6 pm
Event 2 Thursday @ 8 pm
Event 3 Friday @ 8 am
Best Buy
Doorbusters Wave 1 Thursday @ 6 pm
Midnight Mystery Doorbusters Friday @ 12 am (On line sneak peak starts Thursday @ 10 pm)
Doorbusters Wave 3 Friday @ 10 am
Doorbuster Sale 1 Thanksgiving morning 6 am 'til 5 pm
Doorbuster Sale 2 Thursday 7 pm – 3 am
Doorbuster Sale 3 Friday 6 am – noon
Doors open Thursday @ 8 pm (snow globes to 1st 400 customers)
Doors open Thursday @ 8 pm
Doors open Thursday @ 8 pm
Kmart's first doorbuster sale starts way before most people will eat Thanksgiving dinner. Very sad.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Thank God I don't have to bother with this crap.
I never once went to any of these black Friday events.

Just watch once on TV-News and you'll know never to get involved with that stuff, its just not worth the time, money saved and the hassle.


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