Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ohio Prostitution Bust

(Boardman Township, Ohio) A 45-year-old Cleveland woman, Lori Clancey, has been arrested in a prostitution sting.

Clancey faces a charge of soliciting.
Working undercover, an officer called a number he found in an online ad, and set up a meeting with Clancey at a Market Street motel.

Police monitored the encounter using a transmitter and audio and video recorder.

According to the report, when an offer was made to exchange sex for money, other officers moved in and arrested Clancey.
Clancey was booked into custody at the Mahoning County Jail.


Doom said...

She's only 45? Gah!

How much was she offering the pay the officer, anyway? Just saying.

Wireless.Phil said...

Looks like a hard life of booze and drugs.
Also Boardman is south of Youngstown and is closer to Akron than it is to Cleveland.


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