Sunday, December 01, 2013

Execution by Pig

Elements of a mob war:
A screeching mafia kingpin was eaten alive by pigs in a sickening settling of gangland accounts, Italian police have revealed.

Francesco Raccosta vanished in March 2012, but his horrific fate only came to light after an underworld insider spilled the beans. Raccosta’s grisly end was part of a six-decade-long gang war and retaliation for the execution of rival mobster Domenico Bonarrigo.
Reportedly, Raccosta screamed and begged for his life.


Wireless.Phil said...

Nothing new here.
A farmer falls down in the pig pen and can't get up quick enough, the pigs eat him or her.
Just pray you knock yourself out or break your neck in the fall.

Happens more than one would think.

Wireless.Phil said...

Works both ways, but this, I could not read and did not want to read.

After boy mauled, Balkan animal cruelty in focus

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — A litter of puppies wrapped in a blanket and set on fire. A dog roaming the streets with its jaw hacked off. Cats found at the bottom of an apartment block, spines snapped.


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