Monday, November 03, 2014

Virginia Educator Gets Prison for Enticing Minor - Update

(Virginia Beach, Virginia) Former teacher’s aide and softball coach for Virginia Beach Public Schools, 27-year-old Kyle Lynne Noro, pleaded no contest to one count of enticing a minor to perform in pornography.

According to Commonwealth Attorney Macie Pridgen,
[T]he Commonwealth’s evidence proves Noro, while employed at Princess Anne High School in 2012 and 2013, used false identities to pose as teenage boys on at least 20 Facebook accounts. She bought prepaid cell phones to coordinate with the false identities and befriended several female students online.

Posing as “Kevin,” Noro engaged in an online sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl, even arranging for gifts to be delivered to her. Pridgen said Noro sent numerous sexually explicit photos to the victim and convinced her to send hundreds of sexually explicit photos, in return.
Noro was sentenced to 15 years in prison, with 12 years suspended.

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Virginia Educator Accused of Naughty with Juvenile
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(Virginia Beach, Virginia) A 26-year-old female educator and softball coach at Princess Anne High School, Kyle Noro, has been accused of posing as a male juvenile and engaging in an online relationship with a female juvenile.

Noro faces felony counts of Use of Communication System to Facilitate Offenses Involving Children.
According to Virginia Beach Police, the father of the female juvenile victim notified them of the situation.

It was discovered that this male juvenile was actually 26-year-old Kyle Noro, a female teacher’s assistant and softball coach at Princess Anne High School.

During the investigation, police say they found that the online relationship had become sexual and that Noro had solicited naked photographs of the victim.
Details on booking are unavailable.

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