Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Authoritarian Canada again

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality founder Peter LaBarbera has returned to the U.S. from Canada, where he experienced the ramifications of that country's hate speech law – firsthand.

LaBarbera traveled to Saskatchewan last week for a speech before a pro-life group, but was detained at Regina International Airport and told he would be deported from Canada on the basis of violating the country's hate speech law, although he had yet to speak.

LaBarbera, Peter"Which is incredible," he tells OneNewsNow. "We appealed the decision and some political pressure was brought to bear by conservative members of Parliament; and when I went back for my appeal, they let me in [the country] – but I was very close to being banned from Canada under the guise that my group ... promotes hate against homosexuals."

He was released, then made his speech, but later was arrested at the University of Regina while distributing pro-life pamphlets and information on homosexuality. LaBarbera wasn't accused of violating the hate speech law in that matter, but was charged with trespassing – a charge that later was reduced to mischief.

"So what I witnessed was a firsthand lesson in hate-speech politics," he summarizes. "If you say that certain ideas – for example, opposition to homosexuality – are 'hateful,' then the next step is to ban those points of view. And that's what's going on in Canada."


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).

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slwlion1 said...

The USA stands alone.. Canada,England and the remaining socialist countries are our friends only when they need us to bail their asses out of trouble..We should align ourselves with Germany, conquer the world.and then destroy Germany..


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