Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Texas Woman Charged in Mummified Remains Case

(Lexington, Kentucky) A 49-year-old woman, Judith Broughton, has been accused of stealing her dead father's Social Security checks after his mummified remains were found inside a Lexington storage unit.
Police discovered the remains of Luther Broughton on Jan. 8, though identifying the body took some time, according to the station.

On April 10, U.S. marshals arrested 49-year-old Judith Maria Broughton in Terlingua, Texas, in Brewster County.[…]

Judith Broughton was indicted by a Texas grand jury on a federal felony charge of theft of public money, property or receipts. The indictment accuses her of stealing $155,667 of her father's Social Security Retirement Insurance Benefits from November 1997 until August 2011. She has pleaded not guilty.

Federal authorities are also searching for the indicted woman's mother, who was last seen in March. The court documents state that Judith Broughton's mother "has not been seen since early March of 2014, and a search has been instigated."

Lexington police found Luther Broughton's body in the storage unit after the Social Security Administration asked for help to serve a search warrant there. According to federal court documents, Social Security agent Bianca Mendez testified that Judith Broughton rented the storage unit in 1990 under her name and her father's name, and she has been making payments on it ever since.
It is not known how long Luther Broughton has been dead.

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Doom said...

I wonder if she was also voting through him, or if the Dems 'recruit' the dead on their own. Those lib bitties, sitting at the counter, checking names... aren't their to help you. They are merely vultures looking for missing people who can be resurrected into "volunteers".


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