Thursday, April 17, 2014

Carolina Teacher Sentenced for Unlawful Conduct with Child

(Conway, South Carolina) A special needs teacher's aide at Forestbrook Elementary School, Linda Warriner, pleaded guilty yesterday to unlawful conduct toward a child and was sentenced to three years in prison by Judge Larry B. Hyman.
Last April, police charged Linda Warriner after authorities said a then 5-year-old special needs student brought a recorder to school and secretly recorded the teacher.[…]

The family said their loved one endured physical and emotional abuse.

"That was one of the most terrible times to listen to him screaming in there," said Caroline Knight.

The victim's mother asked the judge to - in her words - "please send a message today. There were about 12 other children in that classroom, all of them exposed to the same treatment."

Judge Larry B. Hyman did. Instead of accepting the prosecution's plea bargain of a probated sentence, he ordered Warriner to spend three years in jail.

The Judge said, "an eye for an eye," the same number of years that the child spent in Warriner's supervision at Forestbrook Elementary.
Judge Hyman directed Warriner's name be placed on the child abuse and neglect registry.

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