Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Chinese Topless Protest

Female students from the Guangdong University of Technology in Guangzhou called for equal job opportunities and for people to "pay attention to the value of women" while protesting on the school's campus, shirtless and covered in body paint.
I see a mixed message. The women protest for the sake of equality by flashing reasons they are not equal. Maybe I'm missing something.

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Doom said...

It isn't just skin showing. It's the logic used that should demand lower wages. Why not take it all off? Show us what they are really worth. I'm... just supporting their choice, even if it's a poor one. I give them a D. At least the presentation was worth a gander.

I love it when women do things like this. Yes, they are asking for rape. Women who willfully disrobe in a society that socially and culturally requires clothing for civil purposes who disrobe in public ARE asking to be raped. What it tells me is, through the advancement of women, they, somewhere deep down inside, realize their real value and purpose has been squandered and they receive attention, the primal attention they need, desire, want, in any other way.

Must be harsh when, in reality, all they get is a "meh, seen better". Uhrm, which I have. These girls aren't even in the best of shape.


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