Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cuban Condom Shortage

(Havana, Cuba) Here's a glimpse of life in the socialist paradise of Cuba.
First, potatoes disappeared from Cuban markets. They are back, but police are struggling to keep throngs of frantic buyers in check. And now there are shortages of beer and condoms, with some shops charging up to $1.30 for each prophylactic.

Havana blogger Miriam Celaya wrote that a woman friend had joked that if in the 1990s she had to buy condoms instead of hard-to-find balloons for her son’s birthday party, today she might have to buy him balloons so he can practice safe sex.[…]

Havana author Polina Martínez Shvietsova wrote that the shortage of condoms in state-run pharmacies started about 15 days ago, although shops that cater mostly to foreigners still sell the prophylactics at $1.30 each — a day’s wage for the average Cuban.
Socialist societies are famous for their inability to consistently provide basic goods and services to the populace.


Wireless.Phil said...

A lot of people will now die from AIDS.

Whats this?
A days wage is only $1.30 a day?
That is crazy!

Doom said...


Oh you capitalist! Who needs more when the government provides the wind to eat, the sun to clothe, and death to free! The Castros need the sweat off their brows more than they do. They free them from such nonsensical worry as even life.

slwlion1 said...

Now here is something I can embrace.. I would gladly donate to a Condom for Cuba drive..The less Frickin Cubans in Florida the better ! Matter of fact I'd send some to Puerto Rico also..


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