Thursday, April 03, 2014

First Female Submarine Officer

Janine Asseln

(Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) Meet the first female officer on a German Navy submarine, Janine Asseln.
Since the beginning of the year, 27-year-old Asseln has held the role of fourth watch officer on the U-31 Delta.

She is the only woman in the German navy to be granted a commission on a submarine. Traditionally it was believed a female presence onboard brought bad luck.

“Anyone can handle being above water,” said Asseln, whose father and grandfather were both in the navy, and inspired her career choice.
Heh. As an ex-sailor, I recall that there was absolutely no privacy onboard a submarine. Good luck to Ms.Asseln.

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slwlion1 said...

So do they call her Kapitan ASSeln..hehe


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