Thursday, April 03, 2014

WWII Bomb Explodes in Thailand

At least seven people died and 19 others were injured Wednesday when a massive World War II bomb exploded at a scrap metal warehouse in Bangkok as workers tried to cut it open, officials said.

The 225-kilogram (500-pound) shell was found at a construction site by builders who then sold it to a suburban scrap metal merchant believing the bomb had been defused.

"The workers at the warehouse thought the bomb was no longer active so they used a metal cutter to cut into it causing the explosion," said local police commander Virasak Foythong, adding the ordnance was probably left over from the war era.

"Seven are now confirmed dead and 19 injured," the city’s Erawan emergency centre said, updating the toll. It reported that five people were killed at the scene.
Frankly, it appears to be the height of ignorance to use a metal cutter on unexploded ordnance. Someone screwed up royally.

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