Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Russian Law: Bloggers Must Register

The law introduces a new term: "Internet user called blogger."

Bloggers will be obliged to declare their family name and initials and e-mail address.

Those authors whose personal website or page in social networks has 3,000 visitors or more a day must have themselves registered on a special list and abide by restrictions applicable to the mass media.
Fines will be imposed for noncompliance.

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Doom said...

Yeah? I think even more than that is going on. I just had Russian readership drop off a cliff. It literally stopped for, a few days, weeks, things have been fuzzy lately, but it was a while. I think they perhaps even cut access for a bit, or very much restricted it. I was wondering it they were about to invade, or had thought about it.

They are back though. I think Russia is... having... problems. The internet really has changed the world.


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