Thursday, April 24, 2014

Measles Cases Increasing

Health alert:
Health officials are worried about recent U.S. measles outbreaks that so far have caused more illnesses than at the same point of any year since 1996.

Authorities say 129 cases in 13 states were reported by mid-April, the bulk of them in California and New York City.

Most were triggered by travelers who caught the virus abroad and spread it in the United States among unvaccinated people. Many of the travelers had been to the Philippines, where a recent measles epidemic has caused at least 20,000 illnesses.

The U.S. numbers remain relatively tiny, but officials are worried to see case counts growing.
Maybe it's time to think about restarting vaccination programs.


Doom said...

Or put greater restrictions on travel and crack down, and slow down, immigration.

Wireless.Phil said...

Ohio too.
Not just measles. but Mumps outbreak too.

Then a bar in the next town over from me had a TB scare and they went in and tested all the patrons of that bar in Elyria Ohio

Only the carrier is now under treatment, some homeless drunk.

Wireless.Phil said...

Re Doom,

A lot of it probably the stupid mothers not wanting to vaccinate their children over the fear the effect the vaccine might have on their development.

Thank that bone head actress want-a-be Jenny McCarthy and he autistic son.

Recently the B' changed her mind and stance on vaccinating children.

Doom said...


Yeah, but instant travel and unchecked immigration can't help.

Further, to be honest, if the gov and vaccine manufacturers were held to the same standard as typical medicine, questionable as even much of that has become, and were more open about the failures and problem, people would be a little less gunshy. Ignorance can kill you, and the coverups and whitewashes by that industry don't help. After the attempt to force HPV vaccinations on every girl, this industry has to be fought to a standstill if it doesn't back down.

No, vaccines have their place. It's just that they also don't have a place at times and in places and for some people. They try to lockstep people into "just doing it", there should be resistance.

And, again, how much disease waltzes in with an open border? Lots. Just closing the borders and requiring "visitors" to have medical checks and a certain shots would help more than vaccinating children in, pretty much, places where such diseases had been all but eliminated.

Wireless.Phil said...


I don't trust our own medicine ever since people pushed to get drugs to the market quicker and it finally happened.

Some became sick, had other problems develope, or died because of the new drug.

I remember traveling to Japan in the mid to late 80s, signs all over the airport to be checked if you fear you might have HIV.

Then in the night spots I went to, near the door on the way out was a good sized clear container full of free condoms.

As for the bedbug problem in the US, again, people from overseas, including our own military returning from the M.E.

One thing did'nt help was that sometime in the past our FDA outlawed or banned the best chemical weapon to get rid of the bugs.


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