Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The New Zealand difference

3 yr-old Hannah on her way to the river, she knows the way.. Enough to make you weep if you live in some other parts of the world

Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


slwlion1 said...

NZ crime rate down says authorities. Public disorder -15.7, drug arrests -22.7 ,dangerous or negative acts -23.0(whatever the hell that is) and offenses against justice -8.7(whatever the hell that is)..However Murder,assault,sexual assault have all gone UP substantially..More socialist cherry picking.The little girl would be just as safe in Iowa.Idaho, Montana etc..

Doom said...

Further, if they are anything like Britain, they don't even count serious offenses until someone has been found guilty of the charges. Which means their "statistics" are anything but informative. Certainly not what they claim, not even close.

Of course, many people believe Japan is rather crime free. Again, another great fallacy. Japanese police and detectives don't file an "incident" as a crime, unless they are sure, before it goes very far, that they can solve it. That's a dim dive in an ever narrowing rabbit hole if I ever saw one.

slwlion1 said...

Doom; Bingo, you hit it out of the park..


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