Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Woman Accused of Taking Toy From Gravesite - Update

(Ontario, Ohio)
The woman who admitted to taking a toy from a child’s grave has pleaded not guilty to her charges.

Frieda Kay Shade, of Mansfield, was charged with petty theft after the incident at Mansfield Memorial Cemetery last month.[…]

She told police she had witnessed a loose dog on the property, and removed the stuffed animal to keep the dog from destroying it.
Shades trial has been scheduled for July 30.

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Woman Sought After Toy Taken From Gravesite
[Previous 4/27/14 post]
(Ontario, Ohio)
Authorities are searching for a woman after a hidden camera captured images of her apparently taking a stuffed toy off of a 14-month-old boy's grave.

The Ontario Police Department posted video of the incident on Facebook, which has since generated thousands of shares and hundreds of comments -- many fueled by outrage.

The footage shows an unidentified woman on Saturday, April 19 carrying a stuffed yellow duck away from Hayden "Tank" Cole Sheridan's grave. His parents tell police they left the toy there approximately four to five hours earlier so their son could have it for Easter.

Tank passed away in 2007.
Reportedly, there has been a series of thefts from the gravesite.

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Wireless.Phil said...

There is a surprise here, but I won't ruin it for you.

Yes, thefts from grave sites has increased, brass markers, urns, flower vases, hell, just south of me, a few years ago, they stole the large ornate brase doors off of the mousilieum, never recovered.

Have to feed that heroin habit ya know.

Thats why I take very little with me when I go anywhere, they sneak up on you, knock you in the head and Rob you.

Doom said...
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