Friday, May 09, 2014

Carolina Teacher Accused of Sex with 3 Students

(Cross, South Carolina) A 29-year-old teacher formerly at Cross High School, Ellen Niemiec, has been accused of having sex with three of her students.

Niemiec faces three charges of sexual battery with a student.
According to the affidavits, on April 11th, Niemiec had sexual relations with each of the victims.

However, the attorney for the victims, Mike Bosnak, says there were multiple acts and locations. "It started off with kind of sexual talk and it ended up dirty talk and then it ended up texting pictures and it's our understanding that this teacher had, would have sexual talks with her class on numerous occasions. And it escalated from that into, you know, actual physical, the physical physical part of this."

Bosnak said he believes the sexual acts took part not just off the school campus, but at school as well.
Niemiec was booked into custody with bond set at $21,000 and change.

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