Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Cocaine Pineapples

Cocaine-filled Pineapples

(Algeciras, Spain) In this port city, police found 2,500 kilos of cocaine stuffed into pineapples.
Drug traffickers from the world’s biggest pineapple producer, Costa Rica, sent a ‘special’ batch of their prized fruit to Spain last Wednesday.

The pineapples, as Spanish border police at Algeciras port would soon find out, were packed full of vitamins and a not-so-healthy 2.515 kilos of cocaine.

Spain’s Civil Guard had been previously tipped off by international security agencies about the imminent arrival of copious amounts of the illicit substance from South America.
The drugs are valued at €150 million ($210m).

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Wireless.Phil said...

Not the first time, other news reports shipments in fruits and vegetables over the years.

Sometimes shipmentd arrive at home owneres home from shipments from Amazon and have called the police.

If the law is not tipped off, it gets through.


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