Friday, May 30, 2014

Heroic Teen Saves Girl

Kameron Howell-Meeker

(Milwaukie, Oregon) Local teen Kameron Howell-Meeker pushed his friend Ellie Fielder out of the path of a suspected drunken driver, got hit in her place and nearly lost his life in the process.
Kameron Howell-Meeker and his friend Ellie Fielder say they were walking on the shoulder of the road, on their way to a friend's birthday party, when they saw a truck speeding straight for them.[…]

With nowhere for them to run, Howell-Meeker said he did what felt natural in that instant. He pushed his friend out of harm's way, getting hit in her place.

"I saw Kam get hit by the truck, and he flew what looked like three cartwheels in the air. He just landed flat on his stomach, on the side of the road," said friend Ellie Fielder. "I was scared he wasn't alive."

Witnesses called 911 and made sure the driver, Corey Brownlee, stayed on the scene. Howell-Meeker says he doesn't remember all of that. He remembers asking paramedics only one thing:

"Is Ellie OK? I got hit by the car, but did she? Did I push her far enough?" recalled Howell-Meeker.

Thankfully, Ellie was just fine, thanks to Howell-Meeker, but the brave teen was in bad shape himself.

"The doctors say I have three torn ligaments, a broken pelvis and compressed fractures in my spine," said Howell-Meeker.
The 'suspected' driver, Corey Brownlee, faces assault and DUI charges. It's unknown whether Howell-Meeker's heroism is to be rewarded.

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