Friday, May 16, 2014

Kuwait Fingerprints

(Kuwait City, Kuwait)
The Head of the Workers Union at Public Authority for Industry (PAI) Ahmad Al-Failakawi has demanded Minister of Commerce and Industry and Board Chairman of PAI Abdulmohsen Al-Mudeij to approve the decision of exempting officials and supervisors who spent more than 25 years in service from the fingerprint system as a way of appreciating their efforts and in line with decision 39/2012 of Civil Service Commission, reports Al-Qabas daily.

He said the letter of demand includes a list of the names of such officials, and the minister’s signature is all that is required for the decision to be implemented. However, sources revealed that the minister has been postponing this matter. Al-Failakawi insisted that the minister must not neglect this issue as well as any others that are concerning the employees, stressing that he must not differentiate between the employees in the ministry and PAI. He added that the minister is expected to treat all employees equally.
This action is confusing. In previous years all the officials had their fingerprints taken and, assuming records are kept, there would be officials' fingerprints on file. So, what's the point?


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Wireless.Phil said...

They finally got a copy of John Travolta's and Nick Cage's movie Face-off.


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