Friday, May 16, 2014

Veterans Administration Mistreatment

(Phoenix, Arizona)
Darrell Richardson talks about his brother, Vietnam veteran Dennis Richardson, who he said had trouble getting treatment for his liver cancer from the Phoenix VA. Dennis Richardson died Nov. 8, 2012, at the age of 66, Richardson said.

Darrell Richardson was one of about 200 veterans and family members who gathered at American Legion Post 41 on Tuesday to discuss problems and allegations of wrongdoing at the Phoenix VA.
Treatment of veterans by the VA is becoming a big issue. Expect more news on this subject.


Wireless.Phil said...

The news on this has been all over the net and in Stars & Stripes and other military news sites.

The VA all across the nation (no word on VA clinincs in other countries,
Will all be audited, by the VA itself.

What the hell good will that do, they are all in on it and will cover each others ass!

Wireless.Phil said...

There have been other scandals at the VA in the last few years, some I still have links to in email, unless the links have been disabled.

In several states they did dental work and colon ostomies (sp) and never "properly" steralized any of the equipment!

Those people had to have repeated tests for various infection such as HIV, AIDS, and othet STDs.

I'd be very afraid to have any care done there besides a minor check-up!

Last time I was there, I had my eyes checked, previous human body oils on all the equipment!


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