Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014 Chicago Public Schools: A Prom Theme

From the Illinois Policy Institute:
It’s hard to deny just how poorly Chicago’s public schools are performing when it hits you in the face. Such is the case with Paul Robeson High School’s 2014 prom theme: “This is Are Story.”

That image came from veteran investigative reporter Chuck Goudie, who posted this image on his Facebook page.

Some people might enjoy mocking the irony of the gross misuse of vocabulary.

But unless the organizers of the prom festivities planned the wording this way as a joke, there’s nothing funny about the situation.

Paul Robeson High School is located in the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side, one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. The high school also is part of the failing Chicago Public Schools, or CPS, system.

Four out of 10 CPS freshmen do not graduate.
For those students who do graduate and enroll in college, the overwhelming majority must take remedial high school courses.


Wireless.Phil said...

If you read it fast, you miss it.

slwlion1 said...

You is what you is !

Doom said...

Sure, end teacher's unions. Allow for firing of poor performing teachers. Good.

But don't expect that to change the situation in those schools. The reason poor teachers go to such schools is so that they don't have to be judged. It's a trade-off. My guess is that will not change. No good teacher will go to teach students who can't be taught, not willingly. If the teacher can't affect change, there is no reason to destroy them in such environments.

How many of those students are medically retarded, whether from simple genetics, drug use by their parents, or physical abuse?How many of them have even been taught to read or write before they get to school? How many have been disciplined, correctly, as to social norms, thus are socially retarded?

The system, as is, cannot educate them. It will never get a mean IQ of 76 group of children to function at the level of even a group of 100 IQ children. It can't. A whole different approach much be applied, with different goals and methods, and an honest review of race differences absolutely has to occur.

As Western Civ winds down, for long or short, I don't think that will happen. Before that happens, pure democracy will probably... change the equation in a more... natural way. Natural being secular being not very kind, animal actually, but the way of secular man.

When a people have become systemically useless to their fellow man, and charity isn't available... and an interest in it on moral grounds has been erased, you get what you get.


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