Saturday, August 02, 2014

Bogus Walmart Ice Cream Scare

Ice cream in sun: WalMart (left), Skinny Cow, Klondike and in bowl

Found traversing Internet blogs and Facebook pages are posts warning people of Walmart ice cream sandwiches that don't melt when left in the sun. The posts imply that Walmart Great Value ice cream sandwiches are not safe to eat and are the only sandwiches that don't melt. Here are some facts explained in a article:

• Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches are like most other ice cream sandwiches – they don't melt either.

• Ice cream sandwiches are designed to melt very little so the ice cream doesn't squeeze out of the sandwich when you bite down.

• The ingredients that bind "ice cream sandwich" ice cream are used in many foods people eat regularly.

• Guar gum, one of the main binding ingredients, is a "natural" food obtained by milling the guar bean.

Bottom line per the article, "Walmart's ice cream sandwiches make use of very simple, common food science and chemistry to keep your hands from getting sticky." Nothing scary about it!

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Wireless.Phil said...

Was on our news.
That is way you have to read the ingredient label.
I buy only real ice crezm, no corn syrup, no HFCS, just real sugar, milk, cream, eggs and butter.


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