Friday, August 22, 2014

Carolina Woman Accused of Child Abuse

(Clio, South Carolina) A 20-year-old local woman, Mary Blackwell, was arrested after EMS personnel found a young child unresponsive.

Blackwell faces charges of unlawful conduct toward a child, inflicting serious bodily injury on a child and possession of a non-controlled substance.
Several witnesses were interviewed and the investigation revealed Blackwell physically assaulted the child.

The child was transported to a hospital in Florence to be treated for injuries. The child improved in the care of the hospital and was released to family members.
Details on booking unavailable.

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Doom said...

Possession of a non-controlled substance? Wow. Look, some of that, sure. But what isn't illegal, then? Oh, perhaps water is considered controlled? Things are going off the rails faster than I can manage to equate. Non-controlled... Crazy!


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