Friday, August 22, 2014

Food Shortage in Venezuela

Venezuelan Supermarket - circa 2014

(Caracas, Venezuela) Venezuela is suffering due to acute food shortages. President Nicolás Maduro and Andrés Eloy Méndez, the newly appointed Superintendent of Socio-Economic Rights, has blamed the shortages on consumers buying too much and emptying supermarket shelves. Consequently,
… it has just been announced that the ministries of Science and Technology and Food are developing a biometric fingerprint recognition system that will allow to monitor “who buys and how he/she does it” and to control the so-called “bachaqueo” (a type of smuggling activity common in the Venezuelan border with Colombia), according to Méndez. This mechanism would be put into operation for both private and public network supermarkets by early 2015.
It's feared that the fingerprint system will lead to food rationing.

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Doom said...

Not rationing, controlled feeding. You want food, you do what you are told. This is what Russians would have used in the Ukraine, if they had the tech. It's not better, or easier, but it's much more fun for the ghouls in charge. And they can target individuals much more precisely.

I have no concern. This is what they elected, several times now. Let them... eat cake.


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