Saturday, August 09, 2014

German Sex Worker Age Debate

(Berlin, Germany)
A spat broke out on Friday over planned rules to protect Germany's 400,000 legal prostitutes. Critics say legalization has turned the country into Europe's brothel and want the age limit raised.

There are now 400,000 prostitutes working in Germany, catering for 1.2 million clients every day.

Conservative politicians want to tighten rules to protect them from exploitation and forced prostitution.

Central demands from the centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU) include raising the legal age limit from 18 to 21 and obligatory health checks for sex workers.
Conservatives are calling for more regulation of the prostitution industry.


Doom said...

Is this one of the countries that tells it's young women, who can't find jobs, through their bureaucracy, that instead of unemployment or social welfare, that they have to go into prostitution? A question. I do know some of the European nations have made this decision, just not sure which ones. Evil, start to stop. Should tell them to find a husband, and ban them from work so as to make sure husbands can afford a family.

Their socialism will collapse, and all the liberalism it has enforced will fall with it. The only question that remains is whether they will remain European or become muslim.

Wireless.Phil said...

Last I read, its legal in Germany.

As for this female, she is dressed no different that the after school teachers in some of the local bars and clubs here.

Yes, shocked me too. Amongst other things.


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