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the true extent of the hamas tunnels .... the true extent of the strategic israeli victory in its attack on gaza

Some good comments below  from another blogger.  I have retained his aversion to capital letters

a friend sent me an article that caused me to search out an article entitled "stories from the battlefield: hamas tunnels used to target israel's kindergartens," by mordechai ben-menachem, dated 07.27.2014, at  the daily caller

now, maybe i have been inattentive and have simply missed the publication of the facts set forth in this post, but, for the first time i have seen the true scope of the hamas plans involving the use of the tunnels, and understand for the first time the true extent and importance of the israeli victory over hamas.  [as i neared completion of this article, "live links" started to pop out all over about these tunnels.   obviously, this story is known in the blogosphere, even if not reported on abc, nor nbc nor cbs.:jjj.]

and, maybe this article will convince you of the true perfidy of the mass media, and its utter complicity in the goals of destruction hamas intends someday to deliver upon israel.   if this article by mordechai ben-menachem is known by me, it is known by the media types, and they are not coughing it up.   not in america, at least.   the reason is simple.   the facts in ben-menachem's post run counter to the left's meme on the israeli-hamas struggle.

quite simply, the western media is evil.  it is state-sponsored, ideologically driven, evil.

the tunnels were designed to launch attacks on israeli children, the attacks set to attack on sept. 24, 2014.   the tunnels are not little rat holes, but, shored up structures large enough to drive vehicles through.   and, large enough to move a considerable number of troops through, in a hurry.   they went from gaza into israel, and stopped at israeli settlements underneath and near israeli schools.

they were designed to deliver attacks upon israeli children, during the israel high holidays.

they were equipped with explosives, ammunition, and with tranquilizers to subdue any israeli prisoners that might have resulted from their operations.

this tunnel is reinforced w/ steel beams and heavy materials for shoring.   it is also supplied with electricity, and there is considerable conduit for the same, seen in the photo.   it addition, this section of the tunnel is connected by a shaft to some location above ground, for the use of bringing in a lot of material, and presumably, troops.

there are lots of stores in this tunnel.  no provision for civilians to take shelter, but, lots of stores.

but, in a larger sense, this story is very important.   because now, we are being treated to the inevitable spin of the mass media, about how this was not an israeli victory, and that hamas has tricked them and prevailed in the "land war" between hamas and israel.  and, that israel has suffered a "strategic defeat," even if it operated with impunity on a tactical level.

the story of these tunnels renders any such assertion as nonsense.

hamas had planned a major attack on israel.   israel has thwarted that attack, rendered its possibility a nullity, and has destroyed hamas's ability to utilize the tunnels, even as it continues to destroy the tunnels.  israel has dealt to hamas a very crippling blow.

and, israel has exposed the complicity of governments and private concerns related to the digging of these tunnels.  someone came in and showed hamas how to construct them, and supplied the material and stores by which to arm them.  and, someone financed the construction of the tunnels.  (hint: that would be the united nations, the obama administration and the euro leftist behind these bullshit schemes, and, quite obviously, the russians.  in other words, the usual group of thugs intent on israel's destruction.)

in sum, israel suffered no defeat.   israel enjoys, this day, a major victory.   and, you should know about it, and understand it.


Posted by John J. Ray (M.A.; Ph.D.).


Doom said...

Absolutely. But if my sources have it correctly, this was found by accident. While you do disclose the usual suspects, you ignore a significant aspect, that of the leftists in Israel. Outright traitors to Israel, and Judaism, are in their ranks. They can't afford serendipity as a guiding principle, and first and foremost, must clean their own house first.

I understand the difficulty. With as much money as comes in from Soros and ilk... Some people will sell their mother, some have. Obviously. But you can't defend from the enemy with a quarter to half of your ruling elites supporting them. Fix home first, then deal with the world.

We have our own problem with that, however, and no good solution. Things will be getting very ugly very soon. One way or the other, here and there.

Wireless.Phil said...

This is where all of their concrete for buildings is used. They don't want to enter the tunnels in case of booby traps or gunmen, so gas thetunnels a d gas them with colored smoke. The coloredgas will rise exposing other tunnels and gas the evil.
Last I read sewage is flowing in tbe Gasa stteets, good!
Let them shit themselves to death with Cholera!


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