Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Google Scans Email for Images of Child Abuse

SOURCE: Google now routinely examines email accounts for images of child abuse.
The breakthrough means paedophiles around the world will no longer be able to store and send vile images via email without the risk of their crimes becoming known to the authorities.

Details of the software emerged after a 41-year-old convicted sex offender was arrested in Texas for possession of child abuse images.

Police in the United States revealed that Google’s sophisticated search system had identified suspect material in an email sent by a man in Houston.

Child protection experts were automatically tipped off and were then able to alert the police, who swooped after requesting the user’s personal information from Google.
The ability to monitor email accounts concerns privacy campaigners.


Doom said...

That is just cover. They knew that their access was blown. Who knows how much of their access is why they keep winning, at least in American courts. And the political direction the nation has been forced down. The supposed good does not equate to the invasion of minds and thoughts and will of people, politicians, judges, CEOs and boards, and the rest.

Let the police do their job. Google, and the others, cannot be trusted as "concerned companies". Their help is neither appreciated or wanted, save when issued a court order.

Besides, politically, aren't they generally on the side of pedophiles through their liberalism? No one should trust them, for many reasons.

Wireless.Phil said...

Gee, I get all my naked women from a Google image search.
Is Google serving-up child porn too?
If so, they are just as guilty!


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