Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kurdish Women Soldiers Take on ISIS

Kurdish Women Soldiers

(Kurdistan, Iraq)
There is a new weapon being used against the brutal ISIS forces terrorizing Iraq and Syria. Kurdish women are fighting the Islamic State terrorists and are demonstrating that they are formidable in battle. They also bear a significant psychological advantage – dying at the hand of a woman supposedly means the jihadist won’t get his automatic 70 virgins and go to heaven. Aw.

Battle strategy 101 teaches, “First, know thine enemy.” The Kurdish forces obviously do. ISIS jihadists have clearly demonstrated a collective mentality of an intense devaluation of women. Recent actions have reduced women in their world to little more than sexual slaves. To die at the hand of a woman is the ultimate humiliation for the men who apparently feel no shame for any other reason.

Kurdish women, according to Syria Deeply, are no stranger to fighting in battle, and are “regarded as some of the most liberal in the region.” Because of the violence that women in the area have been suffering at the hands of the Islamic State militants, female Kurdish soldiers have been signing up in increasing numbers to fight back, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The 2nd Peshmerga Battalion is a battalion of fighters – all women – who fight with the Turkish PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party). “Peshmerga” means “those who confront death.” The PKK is based in Turkey, but Kurds are spread throughout the region in parts of Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq.
Interesting, eh?

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