Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pennsylvania Teacher Gets 3 Days Jail for Sex with 2 Boys

Jessica Hachat

(Lancaster, Ohio) A 30-year-old local teacher, Jessica Hachat, has been convicted on two counts of endangering children for engaging in sex with two special needs boys.

As a result, Hachat was sentenced Friday to three days in the Lancaster jail.
Detectives say Hachat met one of her victims at the West Afterschool Summer Lunch Program in Lancaster. That special needs 17-year old boy introduced another 17-year-old - who is also special needs - to Hatchet.

While the second 17-year-old wasn't in court, his father read his impact statement. “If I didn't do what I did, my family wouldn't be in this situation and we would all be happy,” he said.
Arguably, three days jail is a slap on the hand.

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matt seager said...

This case was hidden as she is the step daughter to our local sheriff. I have supported him until this crazy injustice came along. One of the boys has a mental capacity of a ten year old. She received 3 days in jail but the crime was filed as a misdemeanor and not as a sex crime so she will not be listed as a sexual predator ever. The case was hidden as she is the step daughter of our local sheriff whom I have always supported until this horrible mid justice. If Jessica were a man she would be spending years in jail and absolutely listed as a sex offender.


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