Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Record Level of Executions

(Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
A person has been put to death in Saudi Arabia almost every day this month with the country expected to have added to that figure with the execution of its 23rd inmate yesterday.

Hajras al-Qurey will become the latest person to be executed in the last three weeks with human rights groups horrified by what they are calling a surge in executions.

The execution of al-Qurey will top off a deadly week around the world with the beheading of an Egyptian man by Libya armed groups and the execution of 18 informers by Hamas, according to Amnesty International.[…]

According to Amnesty, there has been a surge in executions in Saudi Arabia since the end of Ramadan on July 28, with 22 executions taking place between August 4 and August 22, compared to 17 executions between January and July this year.
One can lose his/her noggin for just about anything in Saudi Arabia, it seems. Interestingly, nobody is protesting the inhumane slaughter.

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Doom said...

Right or wrong, public executions are how order is maintained. I suspect, when the West decided against such, they surrendered the notion of right, wrong, and just punishment. Saudi Arabia doesn't really have a choice, at this point. Though I don't think it will save them, if more from the more extreme elements of their religion who are executing in numbers that make their state seem quaint.

Perhaps enough of their people will see their actions as the right balance, but with 92% of their people thinking isis is a proper form of islam, I am not sure it will work.


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