Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Texas Teacher Charged with Public Intoxication

(Arlington, Texas) A 28-year-old first-grade teacher at West Elementary School, Megan Updegraff, has been arrested after arriving at work drunk.

Updegraff has been charged with public intoxication.
The AISD School is actually in Grand Prairie, and Grand Prairie police arrested her after giving her a Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests.

Police won't release where Updegraff had been prior to arriving at school, or her blood alcohol level.

Police say a colleague at school called 911 to report that she was intoxicated.
Updegraff has been placed on administrative leave by the school.


DinoNeko said...
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Wireless.Phil said...

Still drunk from the night before.
Its those damn kids!

Wireless.Phil said...

PirateM25, should have studied basic English comp.

DinoNeko said...

No one needs grammar anymore these days. You don't have a right to speak in the 21st century.

DinoNeko said...

Also, my phone has a glitch with this system. It is hard to keep track of what I am doing. Not only that I am use to a different style of typing (chatting). It's hard to adapt when you just picked up on something new.

DinoNeko said...

One last annoying comment. I do know how to use paragraphs, but I was to angry to bother and care. One thing I ABSOLUTELY HATE ABOUT PPL ON THE INTERNET is how ppl comment on your grammar ONLY ON THE HATE COMMENTS. It's like they don't realize it's the 21st century and that kids wont need grammar till they are require to use it.

No one has time to look back or fix stuff when they are posting an opinion (unless we care about the statement with our soul). We all make mistakes and that's normal. You don't need to point it out and embarrass ppl, because it's an opinion. There is no right or wrong.

That last comment with the Kids thing I find immature. If you plan on pointing someone out, expect no respect from the other.

DinoNeko said...

I removed comment so dat conflict doesn't rise between ppl


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